RPD: Reach, Relevance, Revenue

114th in a 2022 Series*

If you haven’t had much time to think about next year, “5 principles to guide your media strategy for 2023” is for you. It’s also for those who want to double-check what’s planned or fill in what’s missing. The article distributed by Digital Content Next is based on a conversation with Juan Senor, president of the Innovation Media Consulting Group, and the Innovation in News Media World Report.

Here’s a snapshot of the digital content principles:
*Keep your foot on the subscription gas.
*Continue to explore opportunities for revenue diversification.
*Unlock the power — and results — of product thinking.
*Be tech-led, not led by tech.
*Invest in content, especially visual media.

Senor is quoted as saying the Innovation Report features examples that “are focused on reach, relevance, or revenue. Often, these elements are deeply intertwined.”

And Relevance leads the way.

–Tom Silvestri

*RPD is Relevant Point of the Day.

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