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The Relevance Project seeks to promote the importance of local journalism and its vital role in democracy. These resources are aimed at helping newspaper media recapture and bolster the message that it is the primary source of local news and information.

We Trust Newspapers

A sampling of research that documents the public trust in journalists who cover and live in the communities they serve.

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Unusual Source
You never know where support will show up. Download

We Get Results
A Texas publisher challenges naysayers. Download

We Know
Testimony reported by The Wall Street Journal. Download

Industry Advocate
This U.S. senator seeks federal help for local news. Download

Good Fight I
Open sources = flourishing democracy. Download

A Wise First Step
Our thanks to the American Press Institute fort its good work.  Download

Let In Sunshine
Add your local examples to this bold statement. Download

Good Fight II
Open access = our well-being. Download

Sunshine 365 Days

Thanks to the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association for its Sunshine Week campaign — “THEIR SECRETS ARE NOT SAFE WITH US” — that appears here for use throughout the year, in various formats.

My Local Newspaper

Results from the National Newspaper Association‘s 2022 Survey make an excellent case for local newspapers’ trusted journalism. Our thanks to NNA for sharing this important research.
(If you are not a member, please consider joining.)

Cheers for Local News

Selected quotes from the media critic of The Washington Post that make the case for our newsrooms. 

Strong perspectives from newspaper leaders who don’t mince words.

When Local News Fails Digital Series

Provocative warnings from the media critic of The Washington Post whose 2020 book explains the challenges facing community newspapers. 

The Election Season

Digital promos to help build awareness of newspapers’ scope in reaching voters

To read more about — or reference — the National Newspaper Association Survey used in these promotions, click here.

Advice for the Newsroom

Share these best practices captured in one-page handouts.

Protect Your Credibility
By Bart Pfankuch, content director for South Dakota News Watch

Six Options
Strengthen stories with a structure selection.

Five Tips
Advice to stay out of grammar jail.

‘So What!’
Consider this comeback to that reader response.

One Tract
Clarity is a must in news writing.

Detail Methodology
Tips on how to probe studies and polls. Download

Once a Year
Here’s an annual exercise to update knowledge about the local economy. 

Key Question
Keep asking it. Here’s to ironclad sourcing. 

Numbers Can Numb
Use graphics for the reader’s sake. Download

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