Revenue Resource 2022

A key initiative of the Relevance Project is to create revenue tools to help community newspapers boost their sales efforts. The Revenue Resource 2022 will be updated to match dynamic changes in our businesses and economies.

My Local Newspaper

Results from the National Newspaper Association‘s 2022 Survey make an excellent case for why advertising in local newspapers is effective and why newspapers are relied on by households to provide local news and information. Our thanks to NNA for sharing this important research.
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Helping Businesses Reopen

The ‘All Together Now’ Series
Use these “door openers” to set up sales calls during the pandemic.

Let’s Stay Together (Revised)
Somehow, together, we’re getting things done. Download

Local, Like You
And, like you, we remain on the frontlines. Download

2022… Together
Counting invaluable partners during unprecedented times. Download

News Brands Outperform

Newspaper advertising effectiveness is universal, so that’s why we are sharing benchmark research from an Australian cooperative of publishers, ThinkNewsBrands, that also appeared as an E&P magazine article. 

Consumers Trust Us
Ad readers have more confidence in news brands. Download

Meeting The Challenge
News’ reach, trust factor are strong. Download

Highest ROI
Three comparisons drive home the point. Download

15 Calls To Action

Insightful Research from Coda Ventures
NEWSPAPER ADS WORK. This series makes the case.

“The best ads I’ve seen in quite awhile. We’ve run all 15 of them.”

— Matt McMillion, CEO of Press, Kanabec and Sentinel Publications in Minnesota, reacting to The Relevance Project Revenue Resource and its Call to Action section.

7 out of 10 newspaper readers who read an apparel ad took action after seeing the ad. Download

7 out of 10 newspaper readers who read an automotive ad took action after seeing the ad. Download

7 out of 10 newspaper readers who read a circular take action after seeing the ad. Download

8 out of 10 newspaper readers act after seeing coupons in an advertisement. Dowload

Financial Services
7 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after seeing a banking or financial services ad. Dowload

Office Supplies
7 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after seeing an ad for office supplies. Dowload

7 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after seeing an ad for insurance services. Download

Educational Services
6 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after reading an educational services ad. Download

8 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after reading a grocery advertisement. Download

Retail Advertising
7 out of 10 readers took action after reading a retail ad in a newspaper. Download

Home Furnishings
7 out of 10 readers took action after reading an ad for home furnishings in a newspaper. Download

6 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after reading an ad for eyewear.

Home Services
6 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after reading an ad for home services. Download

6 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after reading an ad for jewelry.

Dental Services
6 out of 10 newspaper readers took action after reading an ad for dental services. Download

Note: The Ad Recall data are from Coda’s ad effectiveness database, which is composed of newspaper reader studies for more than 40 newspapers conducted from January 2016 to June 2020.

Best Route To 65+ Audience

This three-option series is meant to help association ad agencies remind government and health-care providers that newspapers are the most effective way to inform and alert citizens age 65 and older. COVID vulnerabilities have revealed holes in government communications, causing confusion. Use these messages to drive home the point that newspapers can restore trust with a paid information campaign full of details, instructions and advice. Relevant Note: These promotions also can be used to attract advertisements for senior living providers and other health-care services and products.


Handy reminders to send to clients. Feel free to adapt the format for other Calls to Action. 

Insert Promo Postcard
Ready-made promotional piece touting the effectiveness of newspaper circulars. Download

Coupon Promo Postcard
Promote the power of coupons appearing in your newspaper. Download

Auto Promo Postcard
Ready-made promo touting how newspaper advertising influences auto sales. Download

The Election Season

Digital and print promos to help build awareness of newspapers’ scope in reaching voters

Look Who’s No. 1
Download Digital
Download Print

Newspapers Trounce Facebook
Download Digital

Download Print

Newspaper Readers Are Voters
Download Digital

Download Print

To read more about — or reference — the National Newspaper Association Survey used in these promotions, click here.

The John Foust Series

Exclusive to The Relevance Project, the veteran trainer and solution creator has selected his favorite advice columns that have appeared in association publications and accompanied his programs conducted for thousands of newspaper advertising professionals. Use the set of six to capture new revenue or to spark an in-house training session. We thank Mr. Foust for his contributions and applaud his many years of advocating for newspapers.  

Helpful Advice

Share these best practices captured in one-page handouts.

15 Tips for Winning Back Advertisers
Never give up when an advertiser quits. Here are suggestions on how to win a return. Download

Tips on Growing Your Email List
Expert advice from the founder and president of Local news ROI.

Touting Your Website
Here’s the case for why newspaper digital ads work for advertisers.

Sure Your Relevant?
Five reasons subscribers cancel. 

Turbulent Times
6 motivation factors to sell well

Create Great Ads
Use business reopenings as a spark for great advertising solutions.

Lift Up Your Sales Efforts
Tips from Peter Lamb, owner of Lamb Consulting.

Explaining Social Media
Sharpen your multimedia ad pitch with points made by Entrepreneur magazine. Download

Subscription Success
Five ‘Musts” and a Bonus. Download

Top Advice From Media Professionals
A curated list of tips from sales professionals shared during pandemic-era conferences. Download

Building Lasting Relationships
Common senses actions to strengthen your relationships with clients. Download

Irrelevant, Are You?
Answer five questions and find out.


Best in Email Marketing
10 tips to master.

All!!! Ages Read Newspapers

Two sets of promotions based on market studies conducted by the research firm Coda Ventures for seven newspaper trade associations. For additional information, consult this Relevant Point.

Series I: This series can show advertisers that multigenerational readers access newspaper content in print and online. We featured three groups where the facts support newspapers adopting a multi-platform strategy — Print + Digital — to attract a full range of readers. 

Focus on Millennials

Focus on GenXers

Focus on Boomers

Series II: This series is intend for social media campaigns to tout the value of a newspaper audience. 

Focus on Income

Focus on Education

Focus on Home Ownership

The Relevance Project Revenue Resource 2022 is the product of an excellent collaboration with Metro Creative Graphics, which designed the creative, and Coda Ventures, which provided its research. We greatly appreciate our partners.  Copyright © 2022, Newspaper Association Managers, Inc.

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