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What’s A Publisher? Consider This Updated Definition

Publishers are an endangered species these days. It used to be a given that the top officer was called a publisher. No longer. The role has been crushed by digital focuses, changing business conditions, consolidations, new missions at companies, and cost-saving. That’s why an updated definition caught my attention. The new America’s Newspapers, a valuedContinue reading “What’s A Publisher? Consider This Updated Definition”

Support From NAM Members Is Vital To The Relevance Project

One in a series of updates on The Relevance Project NAM members want The Relevance Project to succeed. That’s clear from talking with nearly 40 executive directors since I started as executive director on May 1. The support is much appreciated. Awareness about The Relevance Project’s mission falls into three buckets: Very knowledgeable. Somewhat in-the-know,Continue reading “Support From NAM Members Is Vital To The Relevance Project”


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