Defining the new ‘Community Forum’

The Relevance Project seeks to corral the assets of community newspaper media and those of state, provincial, and national newspaper associations, and position them for relevance in a digitally focused world. Read more.

Community Forum Resource Now Available

The Relevance Project’s 2022 priority is to help newspapers become THE Community Forum to boost Relevance, expand audiences, and improve effectiveness. Now, a special section is devoted to sharing tactics, advice and examples on how to orchestrate civil, civic conversations about issue of importance to communities, the newspaper industry and advocates for an enlightened Democracy. Stay tuned for Relevance Project updates on this transformative initiative. Click here to learn more.

Relevance Project Adds New Advocacy
Program to ‘Support Local Journalism’

The addition is part of a reshuffling of the Revenue Resource 2021 section so it can concentrate on advertising and marketing resources for NAM members.

Nothing prevents an ad staff from touting local journalism, but The Relevance Project had created enough content to spin off the journalism-oriented advocacy into its own area.

The newest series in the Support Local Journalism section is “We Trust Newspapers,” which begins with three strong messages.

Review them here.

As a reminder, associations and their members can use everything on the Relevance Project website without charge. Credit NAM for the initiative.  Thanks also for supporting The Relevance Project.

SNPA Foundation Grant Supports Relevance Project

The SNPA Foundation has awarded a $25,000 grant to help support The Relevance Project, an
initiative of Newspaper Association Managers. The grant is renewable in 2022, subject to a
performance review by the SNPA Foundation board.

The Foundation grant continues a long history of collaboration by SNPA with state newspaper
trade associations and community newspapers. In making the grant, the Foundation board
expressed hope that this venture will seed further cooperation and coordination among
newspaper industry associations.


Thousands of newspapers representing millions of reader across North America: Newspaper media remains the predominant source of local news and advertising information.


The Relevance Project was founded in 2018 as a collaborative effort of newspaper associations across the continent. In Summer 2020, the mission roll-out begins.


The multi-faced project will engage dozens of associations, thousands of newspaper members, and millions of readers in re-defining the medium as the New Community Forum.

“The Relevance Project is an is an energetic strategic partnership that unites state and provincial press associations to speed the resurgence of community newspapers in North America. “

— Beth Bennett
President, Newspaper Association Managers (NAM)
Executive Director, Wisconsin Newspaper

“The role of community newspapers has been overshadowed by the social media phenomenon. We must retake control of our powerful narrative.”

Michelle K. Rea
Chair, The Relevance Project
Executive Director, New York Press Association

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