Director Q and A: New NAM President Beth Bennett

Beth Bennett is a tireless advocate for community newspapers. She also is a first. Her election last month as president of Newspaper Association Managers (NAM) makes her the first person to succeed a spouse as the leader of the North American coalition of state, provincial, regional and national trade associations. David Bennett served as NAMContinue reading “Director Q and A: New NAM President Beth Bennett”

Community Forums For States And Provinces

Imagine a world without newspaper trade associations and their loyal members advocating at state or provincial capitols.  You know, transparency in government, ample notice and alerts before legislative or administrative decisions are made, First Amendment freedoms, and access to public information.  Go ahead and shutter at what obstacles would be sprung and what idiotic edictsContinue reading “Community Forums For States And Provinces”

Are You A Hawk, Dove Or Fence-Sitter?

An executive director recently asked me if I had any Relevant thoughts about allowing digital-only news publishers to become members of newspaper trade associations.  I do, and my view is based on a continuing education about what associations face when changing — and maneuvering through board deliberations and approval. I know this from my conversations:Continue reading “Are You A Hawk, Dove Or Fence-Sitter?”

A Relevant Word Of The Wise For Customer Service

I wish I received a dollar for every time readers or advertisers complained no one at “the newspaper” responded to their calls, emails, letters or online comments. I could buy a lot of newspapers. Short-staffed departments, outsourcing, bad systems, and centralizations that put leadership far from the local paper have made matters worse. So muchContinue reading “A Relevant Word Of The Wise For Customer Service”

Relevance 101: How To Plan A Community Forum

Part of a Continuing Series The Relevance Project offers workshops on how newspapers and their trade associations can be THE Community Forum. The Community Forum is an umbrella strategy to attract and connect with a growing audience. Its centerpiece action is the town hall (in Richmond, where I moderated 78 civil, civic Community forums, theyContinue reading “Relevance 101: How To Plan A Community Forum”

‘Count On Us’ Joins The Election Series

A fourth promotion expands The Relevance Project’s “The Election Series.” The latest house ad touts “Our Reputation Is The Difference” and is based on the results of a 2021 survey by the reputable Pew Research Center. The well-earned Relevance and reputation of a news organization combine to become a top factor with readers and viewersContinue reading “‘Count On Us’ Joins The Election Series”

We All Could Use A ‘Stamp Of Approval’

Good to see the LION roar in this commentary that newspaper/press associations are Relevant.  “Pressure state press associations… to open their doors to our digital members…,” writes the executive director of LION Publishers, “which provides teaching, resources, and community to independent news entrepreneurs as they build and develop sustainable business.” Interesting. There’s an opportunity, for sure.Continue reading “We All Could Use A ‘Stamp Of Approval’”

July Q And A: Kentucky’s David Thompson

David T. Thompson is a Hall of Famer who is fortunate to be alive. The executive director of the Kentucky Press Association also is eloquent in his advocacy for newspapers — especially his all-in members — but realistic about the challenges and pace of change. Talking with him about his impressive career leaves the solidContinue reading “July Q And A: Kentucky’s David Thompson”

Newspaper Research: Multigenerational Readership Is Lucrative Target For Advertisers

A Special Report Today’s newspaper readers are an advertiser’s best prospects. That’s because Americans of all ages — not just “old people” — read newspapers. In addition, these discerning readers collectively are educated, active consumers who are ready to shop. Those facts are among the major conclusions from a series of statewide-market studies conducted byContinue reading “Newspaper Research: Multigenerational Readership Is Lucrative Target For Advertisers”