RPD: We’re In ‘A Path Forward’

107th in a 2022 Series* The State of Local News 2022 was released this week in a blockbuster report (link is here). We were pleasantly surprised and honored to see The Relevance Project show up in the section headlined “A Path Forward.” Here’s the recognition: “At a summit on rural journalism, Tom Silvestri, former publisherContinue reading “RPD: We’re In ‘A Path Forward’”

RPD: Community Forum No. 2 In Mississippi

106th in a 2022 Series* The testing of THE Community Forum strategy continues this week in Mississippi with a second civil, civic conversation on issues of importance.  “How Do We Combat Brain Drain?” is the topic of the Community Forum in Tupelo at 6 p.m. Thursday (June 30). Daily Journal is the host newspaper, withContinue reading “RPD: Community Forum No. 2 In Mississippi”

Q and A: Utah’s/Montana’s Brian Allfrey

Part of a Monthly Series* The coach in Brian Allfrey wants the newspaper industry to be bold. The manager in him advocates trying new things, for even in failure important lessons exist.The longtime basketball coach and veteran manager knows a thing or two about risk. This year, he is running two newspaper trade association basedContinue reading “Q and A: Utah’s/Montana’s Brian Allfrey”

RPD: Proving The Newspaper Story (Cont.)

105th in a 2022 Series* Two more state press associations are triumphing the power and importance of newspapers by distributing impressive new research. In Virginia, the headline is “Virginians See Local Newspapers as Most-Trusted Source of News.” In neighboring North Carolina, “North Carolinians Love Their Newspapers.” The Virginia Press Association, which hired the Richmond-based researchContinue reading “RPD: Proving The Newspaper Story (Cont.)”

RPD: Innovation And The Urgent Transition

104th in a 2022 Series* It dawned on me while sitting in a Kentucky building from the 1800s why the forced jump from fossil fuels to green energy was such a painful debate. It sounds too much like the newspaper transformation urgency that’s given us pounding headaches for at least the last couple of decades.Continue reading “RPD: Innovation And The Urgent Transition”

RPD: A Listening, Learning Opportunity

103rd in a 2022 Series* One of the best usage of the Community Forum strategy is to start conversations in areas where you are missing in action or weak in at least showing interest. You can skip over the excuses — “we don’t have enough reporters to cover …” — by conducting Community Forums toContinue reading “RPD: A Listening, Learning Opportunity”

RPD: 10 Gains As THE Community Forum

102nd in a 2022 Series* The launch of the Mississippi Community Forum project last week put a charge in the cause for other newspapers in North America to join in. Based on The Bolivar Bullet’s experience (pictured above) in Cleveland, Miss., here are 10 more reasons why local newspaper should transform into THE Community Forum.Continue reading “RPD: 10 Gains As THE Community Forum”

RPD: Uplifting ‘Great Work’ In Virginia

101st in a 2022 Series* Virginians now have a source to find the “great work being done by Virginia’s local newspapers.” The aggregator? The Virginia Press Association, which today (June 16) launched its twice-weekly email newsletter, “Virginia News Reader.” Subscribers to the free service will “find news articles selected by our team of former journalistsContinue reading “RPD: Uplifting ‘Great Work’ In Virginia”

RPD: A Message That Sticks Out

100th in a 2022 Series* Found this bumper sticker in my information packet at the recent National Summit on Journalism in Rural America. Great message from the University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Media. Feel free to add the local angle. Make it stick. –Tom Silvestri, Executive Director, The Relevance Project *ABOUT THE SERIES:Continue reading “RPD: A Message That Sticks Out”