Wisconsin Advances The Community Forum

Thanks to the Wisconsin Newspaper Association for allowing The Relevance Project to talk up THE Community Forum as fuel for a newspaper’s transformation. It was fitting that WNA’s format was its first COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FORUM. Bingo! The 3-hour forum yesterday (Oct. 21) had four parts: *“Creating Connections: 6 Steps To Organizing A Community Forum” —Continue reading “Wisconsin Advances The Community Forum”

Turn Up The Volume On Media Literacy

THE Community Forum strategy compels newspapers to improve citizens’ news or media literacy. That’s because community-focused publishers and editors should be motivated to help readers repel misinformation, dangerous manipulations, and fake news sources. Looking for a timely angle? Next week, one of the non-profit groups seeking to advance media literacy is hosting the seventh annualContinue reading “Turn Up The Volume On Media Literacy”

This Magazine Remains A Star

Happy 80th birthday to Parade magazine. You’re still looking good. Last Sunday’s special edition presented “The Many Faces of Parade” by showing covers selected from 4,000 magazines since its arrival in 1941. Not an easy task. For longtime newspaper readers, no Sunday is complete without Parade. As a longtime publisher, I always valued my relationshipContinue reading “This Magazine Remains A Star”

Director Q and A: Oregon’s Laurie Hieb

Laurie Hieb deserves some shelter from the storm for being an executive director of a newspaper trade association. Her home state of Oregon has been a hotspot during the pandemic and protests over the last year-and-a-half of stops and stops, shutdowns and re-openings, and plenty of disruptions. Lobbying at the statehouse remains challenging and frustrating.Continue reading “Director Q and A: Oregon’s Laurie Hieb”

The Celebration Must Go On

Now what? National Newspaper Week adopted “Be THE Community Forum” as the 2021 theme. The celebration ended Saturday. Now what? Did your newspaper conduct at least one discussion with readers about deepening the community’s trust? Or, did the publisher or editor use the week to think about how to stage a series of civil, civicContinue reading “The Celebration Must Go On”

Momentum Builds For THE Community Forum

A shout-out to Jerry Raehal, executive director of the Louisiana Press Associaton, for adding The Community Forum to this timely promotion during National Newspaper Week: We spotted the powerful message in this week’s newsletters from state press associations doing a great job touting the celebrated observance, a project of Newspaper Association Managers, which sponsors TheContinue reading “Momentum Builds For THE Community Forum”

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Part of a Continuing Series Why don’t newspapers think of themselves as THE Community Forum? My advocacy for the transformational strategy confronts three main excuses: If we can’t make money on a new initiative, it’s not happening. We don’t have the time. Why would I put myself in a room full of critics, the typeContinue reading “Excuses, Excuses, Excuses”

Missouri Remains The ‘Show Me’ State

Relevance is finding a way to complete the task, no matter the challenges. That’s the reason for a round of hearty thanks to the Missouri Press Association for including The Relevance Project in its recent 155th annual convention and trade show. What was to be an in-person General Session presentation at the last-minute turned intoContinue reading “Missouri Remains The ‘Show Me’ State”

Community Forum: Step-By-Step Advice

Part of a Continuing Series Relevant Note: Consider this advice a sidebar to “Use NNW To Launch The Community Forum.” It also is intended to be a simplified approach to previous Relevant Points that explained and advocated how newspapers can become THE Community Forum. The Relevance Project recommends a six-step approach to organizing a CommunityContinue reading “Community Forum: Step-By-Step Advice”