Invite The RP: We’re Available For Hire

The Relevance Project is on the (virtual) road in 2021. So far, three newspaper associations have invited presentations to their members about The Relevance Project. We’ve done it in various versions, but the preferred slot is 45 minutes to an hour, which includes interaction, an exercise or two, and Q&A. The presentations allow an explanationContinue reading “Invite The RP: We’re Available For Hire”

Associations: Unmask Your Newspapers’ Relevance

For the sake of our future, the best read right now is how local newspapers are coming through for their communities. Special reports about the vital storytellers and testimonials about advertising/marketing solutions must document the resilience of local newspapers as they battle what many are calling their most challenging year ever.  Don’t assume people knowContinue reading “Associations: Unmask Your Newspapers’ Relevance”

Know Your Social Media By The Numbers

Thank you, Pew Research Center, for helping us better understand Twitter and the behavior on display. You found that 9 in 10 tweets sent between November 2019 and September were caused by the most active 10 percent of the users. And of those superusers, nearly 7 out of 10 were Democrats and Democratic-leading independents. RepublicansContinue reading “Know Your Social Media By The Numbers”

Diversity Remains A Complicated But Relevant Necessity

With 2020 noted as the year of promised diversity improvement, I saved an information graphic that Editor & Publisher Magazine included in its September issue. It stuck with me. Headlined “How News Organizations Should Hire to Increase Diversity,” the chart summarized findings in the Gallup-Knight Foundation survey released earlier in year. The survey of 20,000Continue reading “Diversity Remains A Complicated But Relevant Necessity”

Newspapers Can Stay In First Place With This

A smart publisher is always on the lookout for inspiration, even in unlikely places. Well, how about the Washington Football Team? Yes, that unfortunate group which for too many seasons made hapless a standard, with one bitter controversy after another and with a loathed owner who is about a popular as a web break onContinue reading “Newspapers Can Stay In First Place With This”

Best Route To Newspaper Resilience is Local, Local, Local

The recipe for newspaper resilience can be complicated. But the most important ingredients remain local, local, local. Local ownership. Local commitment to serve as THE Community Forum. And, a local economy that supports trusted journalism. That’s my major takeaway from an interesting study of Iowa news-providers by a digital journalism professor at the University ofContinue reading “Best Route To Newspaper Resilience is Local, Local, Local”

E&P Magazine Spreads The Relevant News

The Relevance Project thanks Evelyn Mateos and Editor & Publisher Magazine for calling attention to our Revenue Resource 2020. E&P highlighted the article in its morning newsletter today. The headline: “The Relevance Project Rolls Out Campaign to Help Newspapers Enhance Sales Efforts.” The details included this crisp quote from Newspaper Association Managers (NAM) President SteveContinue reading “E&P Magazine Spreads The Relevant News”

Majority Rules? Pandemic Accelerates Digital Share Of Ads

If your newspaper is a monopoly with little or no competition and has a lock on local advertising, you can stop reading here. To the rest: Last week, The Wall Street Journal highlighted a report from the world’s largest ad buyer (Group M, a unit of WPP PLC) that estimated advertising spending in 2020 —Continue reading “Majority Rules? Pandemic Accelerates Digital Share Of Ads”

Don’t Allow ‘Contact Us’ To Be A Wall Of Confusion

Nothing is more important to a local newspaper than connecting with readers, advertisers and supporters. So why is it so hard for people to learn how to contact us? I spotted this Relevant Point by Judy Patrick, New York Press Association’s vice president for editorial development, in her weekly note to newsrooms: As the coordinatorContinue reading “Don’t Allow ‘Contact Us’ To Be A Wall Of Confusion”

Thinking Outside The (Pizza) Box

Inspiration to find new revenue and efficiency is everywhere. Today’s Relevant Tip: Keep sharpening your power of observation to connect the dots. For example, I spotted this “new concept” during garbage day in my Richmond, VA, neighborhood. Who would have thought you could deliver pizza and pick up the discards at the same time. BrilliantContinue reading “Thinking Outside The (Pizza) Box”