The Ingredients Of Trust In News Stories

Getting lots of shares, likes and comments on social media matter the least to adults determining how trustworthy a news story is.

Thank you, Pew Research Center.

It’s reassuring that what matters most is the Relevance and reputation of a news organization that publishes the stories Americans read, watch or listen to.

Next in importance are the sources cited in the story.

These factors are tops for Democrats and Republicans alike. Who said the parties can’t agree?

Examine for yourself the latest Pew survey that adds important perspective on what determines whether a news story is viewed as trustworthy.

The Relevant takeaway for newsrooms:

Be disciplined in sharpening the newsroom’s overall reputation and be super-careful on how stories are sourced.

Bonus action: Drill your talent on the building blocks of trust. Don’t assume everyone is on the same page.

And this:
Limit how much effort is spent wandering on social media, which finished last among the six factors Pew examined. (A readers’ gut instinct about a story, the person who shared it, and the specific journalist who reported the story were the other considerations.)

Trust matters.

It certainly does to the Americans surveyed by Pew.

–Tom Silvestri

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