RP Adds ‘Support Local Journalism’

The Relevance Project offers a new advocacy resource: Support Local Journalism.

The addition is part of a reshuffling of the Revenue Resource 2021 section so it can concentrate on advertising, marketing and other revenue concepts for NAM members.

One of the messages in the “We Trust Newspapers” series.

Nothing prevents an ad staff from touting local journalism, but The Relevance Project has created enough content to spin off the journalism-oriented advocacy into its own area on http://www.relevanceproject.net

The newest series in the Support Local Journalism section is “We Trust Newspapers,” which begins with three strong messages. Review them here. Thanks to our partners at Metro Creative Graphics for its design work.

The Relevance Project focuses on helping local news trade associations and their members tell the true story of the strength and viability of community newspapers.

As a reminder, association and newspaper staffs can use everything on The Relevance Project website without charge. Credit Newspaper Association Managers (NAM) for the initiative.

Also, I’m available to present “10 Things You Need To Know” about The Relevance Project to association staffs, boards and conferences. Included in the workshop is The Relevance Meter where attendees can judge for themselves just how Relevant they are to their readers and communities they serve.

Thanks for supporting The Relevance Project. More resources are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

–Tom Silvestri

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