Part of a Continuing Series *Be THE Community Forum is the essence of Relevance. Community newspapers and local news media, think here: Execute the strategy in three parts, using Forum or town-hall formats: Part 1: Explain the mission of your news organization and its reporting. Collect suggestions and advice on how to strengthen community connections.Continue reading “CF=R*”

Community Forums For States And Provinces

Imagine a world without newspaper trade associations and their loyal members advocating at state or provincial capitols.  You know, transparency in government, ample notice and alerts before legislative or administrative decisions are made, First Amendment freedoms, and access to public information.  Go ahead and shutter at what obstacles would be sprung and what idiotic edictsContinue reading “Community Forums For States And Provinces”

Relevance 101: How To Plan A Community Forum

Part of a Continuing Series The Relevance Project offers workshops on how newspapers and their trade associations can be THE Community Forum. The Community Forum is an umbrella strategy to attract and connect with a growing audience. Its centerpiece action is the town hall (in Richmond, where I moderated 78 civil, civic Community forums, theyContinue reading “Relevance 101: How To Plan A Community Forum”

The Community Forum Is Shelter From The Storm

One in a continuing series. Efforts to save local news are like summer storms. The heat builds and builds to sweaty highs. Humidity soars in tandem. Dark, ominous clouds arrive. It looks like the end of the world. Winds kick up. Branches snap, debris swirls, old roofs are exposed. Concerns about damage, loss and injuryContinue reading “The Community Forum Is Shelter From The Storm”