RPD: Thank You, Utah Press

89th in a 2022 Series* Thanks to the Utah Press Association for inviting The Relevance Project to present to the 2022 Annual Convention on Friday (May 20). The requested “Triple Play” discussion normally takes an hour as it delivers the ingredients of Relevance, an overview of the free resources on http://www.relevanceproject.net, and the strategic caseContinue reading “RPD: Thank You, Utah Press”

RPD: Thank You, Louisiana Press

88th in a 2022 Series* Everyone likes a good challenge. Here’s one: Take an hour presentation built on three parts. Break it apart into three sections so that each consumes no more than 20 minutes. Zero in on the best message, be brief and to the point. The added pressure: You’re cutting into attendees’ lunchContinue reading “RPD: Thank You, Louisiana Press”

RPD: Consumers Trust Newspapers (Cont.)

87th in a 2022 Series* Here’s further proof that advertisers and marketers seeking a trusted media should hire newspapers: Products in a newspaper’s portfolio show up in the Top 5 “trusted advertising channels” rated by U.S. customers. So says Nielsen’s 2021 Trust in Advertising Study in a special excerpt granted to The Relevance Project. SevenContinue reading “RPD: Consumers Trust Newspapers (Cont.)”

RPD: Debate Rejection Is An Opportunity

86th in a 2022 Series* Is the candidate-debate format ready to expire? Do newspapers have a replacement solution that fits under THE Community Forum umbrella? “The long-standing electoral tradition of political debates is on the wane,” reported the authoritative The Kiplinger Letter in its May 12th newsletter. “More and more candidates in high-profile races areContinue reading “RPD: Debate Rejection Is An Opportunity”

Director Q and A: NNA’s Lynne Lance

Part of a Monthly Series Lynne Lance says she dislikes talking about herself.But she eventually agreed to participate in this month’s Executive Director Question & Answer feature because it was an opportunity to thank the members of her National Newspaper Association. She calls the 1,698-member association her second family.The special relationships that newspaper people cultivateContinue reading “Director Q and A: NNA’s Lynne Lance”

RPD: Minnesota Gets A Gold Star

85th in a 2022 Series* Today we add the Minnesota Newspaper Association to The Relevance Project’s list of Gold-Star Supporters. MNA’s weekly e-newsletter always contains a sharp summary of Relevance Project resources available to newspapers members free of charge and keeps track of the new content that is posted each month. Links are embedded forContinue reading “RPD: Minnesota Gets A Gold Star”

RPD: Newspapers As Screwball Comedies

84th in a 2022 Series* Check me on this description of the newsroom: fast movement, frantic pace, eccentric characters, witty, quick barbs, and poking fun at the differences among the social classes, competitive battles among star reporters, and occasionally tension between love and cynicism. Nailed it, right? True confession: I borrowed the characteristics from TurnerContinue reading “RPD: Newspapers As Screwball Comedies”

RPD: Soon, Have-nots No Longer

83rd in a 2022 Series* Heads up to newspapers with deficient online strategies and to advocates for keeping public notices in the printed product: This week, the Biden administration announced a deal that would provide discounted, or, in effect, free, internet service to tens of millions of low-income households, including those living in areas historicallyContinue reading “RPD: Soon, Have-nots No Longer”

RPD: A Full View Of Excellence

82nd in a 2022 Series* Yesterday’s Pulitzer Prizes demonstrate just how important the press association awards are in recognizing excellence in local journalism. Without them, and the intense, admirable efforts that go into celebrating community journalism, readers might think the only enterprise stories that matter are those produced by the big newsrooms and major metroContinue reading “RPD: A Full View Of Excellence”

RPD: A Conference Sampler

81st in a 2022 Series* You can tell what’s on the minds of community newspapers these days from the topics selected for press association conferences. This snapshot comes from the Nebraska Press Association, which offered its members the following programs and workshops April 29-30 as in-person training:“Post Pandemic: Getting People to Pick Up Your Newspaper”“EffectiveContinue reading “RPD: A Conference Sampler”