E&P Magazine Spreads The Relevant News

The Relevance Project thanks Evelyn Mateos and Editor & Publisher Magazine for calling attention to our Revenue Resource 2020. E&P highlighted the article in its morning newsletter today. The headline: “The Relevance Project Rolls Out Campaign to Help Newspapers Enhance Sales Efforts.” The details included this crisp quote from Newspaper Association Managers (NAM) President SteveContinue reading “E&P Magazine Spreads The Relevant News”

Majority Rules? Pandemic Accelerates Digital Share Of Ads

If your newspaper is a monopoly with little or no competition and has a lock on local advertising, you can stop reading here. To the rest: Last week, The Wall Street Journal highlighted a report from the world’s largest ad buyer (Group M, a unit of WPP PLC) that estimated advertising spending in 2020 —Continue reading “Majority Rules? Pandemic Accelerates Digital Share Of Ads”

Don’t Allow ‘Contact Us’ To Be A Wall Of Confusion

Nothing is more important to a local newspaper than connecting with readers, advertisers and supporters. So why is it so hard for people to learn how to contact us? I spotted this Relevant Point by Judy Patrick, New York Press Association’s vice president for editorial development, in her weekly note to newsrooms: As the coordinatorContinue reading “Don’t Allow ‘Contact Us’ To Be A Wall Of Confusion”

Thinking Outside The (Pizza) Box

Inspiration to find new revenue and efficiency is everywhere. Today’s Relevant Tip: Keep sharpening your power of observation to connect the dots. For example, I spotted this “new concept” during garbage day in my Richmond, VA, neighborhood. Who would have thought you could deliver pizza and pick up the discards at the same time. BrilliantContinue reading “Thinking Outside The (Pizza) Box”

10 Things to Know About the Relevance Project

The change of seasons is a good time to rake in the fortune of benefits collected on The Relevance Project website.  As a reminder: It’s http://www.relevanceproject.net It displays the project’s purpose and includes the patrons’ vision.  The Relevance Project is brought to you by many supporters — the members of NAM, the Newspaper Association Managers.Continue reading “10 Things to Know About the Relevance Project”

Calling All Storytellers: Be Captivating For Newspapers

Newspapers are a unique story. As 2020 winds down, we all need to be more purposeful on how to tell it. This time of major change now upon us is a great opportunity for storytellers touting newspapers.A couple of suggestions: Avoid overdoing the challenges. Please, please don’t open with: “It was a dark and stormyContinue reading “Calling All Storytellers: Be Captivating For Newspapers”

Exhibit A: Newspapers Readers Are The Greatest

Note: This is the Relevant Point of the Month (November). Jessica Hoagland of St. Louis, MO, went back home on a visit. There, she picked up a copy of the local newspaper in Columbus, IN. It just so happens The Republic was participating in National Newspaper Week during October and was kind enough to publishContinue reading “Exhibit A: Newspapers Readers Are The Greatest”

Move Beyond Defective Polls To Adopt Scenario Reporting

Defund the pollsters. Community newspapers should drop polling as an outdated attempt at predicting election results. Polling has been disrupted by several sticky factors, including social media’s impact on discourse, robocalls and scammers that disgust phone users, and general mistrust in institutions. It’s also laughable how pollsters acknowledge they don’t reach certain segments of peopleContinue reading “Move Beyond Defective Polls To Adopt Scenario Reporting”

‘Comp-tologist’ Skills Can Pay Off For A Publisher

One in a series on Relevant Trends Everyone looks for a secret sauce in building and coaching successful sales teams. But time and effort are better spent learning to become a comp-tologist.Getting right the compensation of sellers so it leads to increased revenue and motivated staffs is as important as having products that attract advertisersContinue reading “‘Comp-tologist’ Skills Can Pay Off For A Publisher”

Now’s Not The Time For Newspapers To Be Shy

You can’t overuse the Relevant wish, “Have a good week.” Not now. We’ll need it as Election “week” (or, gulp, weeks) allegedly starts tomorrow. The aspiration extends to all newsroom at community newspapers trying to figure out elections results with the unprecedented volume of voting that occurred before Nov. 3. Just who will make sureContinue reading “Now’s Not The Time For Newspapers To Be Shy”