Hang Out In Twitter And Everyone Will Know Your Name

If you need added proof that Twitter is a journalist’s hangout, check out the string of comments prompted by TV news guy Zachary Downes’ question posted on July 12: Why did you become a journalist? Wrong answers only. When I last checked Twitter, retweets had soared passed 3,100 and likes exceeded 2,300. Downes is aContinue reading “Hang Out In Twitter And Everyone Will Know Your Name”

Localize The National Campaign To Show Greater Relevance

Cheers to America’s Newspapers for its latest campaign promoting newspapers as the trusted source for advertising in the communities they serve. It provides a timely rallying call for newspapers as a much better investment than Facebook. It also complements The Relevance Project’s emerging NEWSPAPER ADS WORK series. (Look for a new release soon.) SUGGESTION: NAMContinue reading “Localize The National Campaign To Show Greater Relevance”

Don’t Back Off Quality, Especially In Challenging Times

“There’s nothing to read in the newspaper.” Ouch. That’s a killer complaint, especially coming from a longtime subscriber. Now what? Try predicting how your member newspapers would respond? Is it: A. Sorry, we wish we could print more news but print advertising has declined. B. Our reporters were on furlough last week. We’re still lookingContinue reading “Don’t Back Off Quality, Especially In Challenging Times”

Newspaper Power Campaign Enters Phase II

Part II of the NEWSPAPER POWER Campaign starts a series of advertising categories where research confirms strong results for newspaper advertisers. NAM members can adapt the campaign in their sales pitches to local advertisers. The initial set of five categories is based on data supplied by Coda Ventures, which has worked with NAM members toContinue reading “Newspaper Power Campaign Enters Phase II”

Public Notices: The Fight That Keeps On Ticking

Retaining Public Notices is the newspaper battle that never quits. Throughout NAM, major fights in state legislatures continue. The update: Some victories (phew), lots of worries (ugh). When I ask what are “the issues that keep you up at night,” Public Notices fall in the Top 3. Often, it is the No. 1 concern. WeContinue reading “Public Notices: The Fight That Keeps On Ticking”

What’s A Publisher? Consider This Updated Definition

Publishers are an endangered species these days. It used to be a given that the top officer was called a publisher. No longer. The role has been crushed by digital focuses, changing business conditions, consolidations, new missions at companies, and cost-saving. That’s why an updated definition caught my attention. The new America’s Newspapers, a valuedContinue reading “What’s A Publisher? Consider This Updated Definition”

Support From NAM Members Is Vital To The Relevance Project

One in a series of updates on The Relevance Project NAM members want The Relevance Project to succeed. That’s clear from talking with nearly 40 executive directors since I started as executive director on May 1. The support is much appreciated. Awareness about The Relevance Project’s mission falls into three buckets: Very knowledgeable. Somewhat in-the-know,Continue reading “Support From NAM Members Is Vital To The Relevance Project”

Here’s A Newspaper Quote Worth Framing

A follow-up point to the last posting about the Freeman Courier in Freeman, SD. I forget to include an inspirational quote from the Waltners, Jeremy and Tim. It captures the never, never, never give up spirit of newspapering: This is new and this is challenging, but our objective is clear: We have to survive. And we’reContinue reading “Here’s A Newspaper Quote Worth Framing”

Nothing Like A Crisis To Shift Your Newspaper Strategies

One of the treats of The Relevance Project is reading NAM-member newsletters that tell success stories. They inspire me to get out an underliner and notebook to capture the embedded strategies that won the day. A good recent example is the story of a weekly newspaper in South Dakota that used the pandemic to speedContinue reading “Nothing Like A Crisis To Shift Your Newspaper Strategies”

You Can Thank 2020 For Why We All Could Be ‘Dailies’

Is it time to redefine what a “daily” is in a multimedia world? Change in our industry is happening so fast that it’s getting difficult for press/newspaper associations to answer a simple question: How many daily newspapers do you have as members? At least one press association recently ran a scorecard on the front ofContinue reading “You Can Thank 2020 For Why We All Could Be ‘Dailies’”