Director Q and A: Wyoming’s Darcie Hoffland

A Monthly Series Darcie Hoffland is the first to acknowledge her state and newspaper association are unique. For starters, you might be surprised that Wyoming is the answer to this trivia question: What state is No. 50 in population? Here’s your follow-up question: How does being small have its advantages? “It feels like one community,”Continue reading “Director Q and A: Wyoming’s Darcie Hoffland”

RPD: Don’t Duck The Digital Experience

52nd in a 2022 Series* Here’s to all of the newspapers that don’t have crappy websites. Your bigger challenge, which you have no choice but to accept, is to improve the digital experience. It’s guaranteed to be the show that never ends. And fear not, research is catching up to customer expectations by quantifying howContinue reading “RPD: Don’t Duck The Digital Experience”

RPD: A Yawn or New Dawn in Kentucky?

51st in a 2022 Series* Now that newspapers offer E-editions, timely newsletters and frequently updated websites, does it matter there’s at least one state without a daily newspaper that distributes a printed product seven days a week. Maybe it’s old news that Kentucky’s distinction of being without a seven-day printed newspapers slid by without muchContinue reading “RPD: A Yawn or New Dawn in Kentucky?”

RPD: We’re All For Solutions

50th in a 2022 Series* It wasn’t too long ago that it would have been a scandal to see “journalism” and “revenue” in the title of a workshop sponsored by a news group. But this is 2022 and it’s AOK to scout the landscape for money sources to boost journalists, expand local reporting and propelContinue reading “RPD: We’re All For Solutions”

RPD: Pass The Popcorn, Pitch Newspapers

49th in a 2022 Series* Newspapers should go to the movies to pitch subscriptions to a rapt audience. Two reasons: 1) Theaters are filling up as COVID restrictions come down; and 2) I keep thinking about one of last week’s Relevant Points that quoted a Nielsen’s U.S. Trust in Advertising study that found consumers consideredContinue reading “RPD: Pass The Popcorn, Pitch Newspapers”

RPD: The Dire Need For Civil Discourse

48th in a 2022 Series* Newspapers that transform into THE Community Forum advance at a critical time civil, civic discourse, the absence of which attracted the attention of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas last week. The Associated Press reported on Thomas’ speech in Utah in which he bemoaned the lack of safe zones whereContinue reading “RPD: The Dire Need For Civil Discourse”

RPD: Florida, The Cloudy State

47th in a 2022 Series* Leave it to the Florida Legislature to pass a bill, just before Sunshine Week, that would remove public notices from local newspapers. Now what, newspapers and readers? Treat it as a dangerous development, especially where the Relevance of newspapers is questioned with politics rather than facts. There’s a reason whyContinue reading “RPD: Florida, The Cloudy State”

RPD: Iowa Isn’t Bored With COVID

46th in a 2022 Series* Community newspapers did some of their best work ever covering the pandemic. That reputation for trusted local reporting takes on added significance in Iowa where the newspaper trade association and its members are now the central source of state COVID-19 data. The bold move comes “in response to the state’sContinue reading “RPD: Iowa Isn’t Bored With COVID”

RPD: The Pain Of The Pay Issue

45th in a 2022 Series* At a recent newspaper conference, publishers gathered around a U-shaped table to discuss the big issues of the day. A chorus quickly raised issue No. 1 in 2022: hiring. In short, everyone was having trouble attracting workers to their newspapers. One publisher said reporters were leaving to work at retailerContinue reading “RPD: The Pain Of The Pay Issue”