On The Road In NY — Sort Of

The Relevance Project went on the virtual road today to New York state to deliver two presentations to community newspapers. (Attendees deserve extra points for attending a workshop on a Friday afternoon!) The “visit” marked the debut of an emerging strategy powering the Community Forum, a potential transformative business model that local media can adoptContinue reading “On The Road In NY — Sort Of”

Trend? Association Opts For Membership Change

Change usually begets change among newspaper associations. Curtailment of printed publications, the rise of digital outlets, revenue concerns, and a desire to diversify the ranks of members are causing press trade groups to contemplate redefining what constitutes association membership. Add the South Carolina Press Association to the list of the latest to adopt major change.Continue reading “Trend? Association Opts For Membership Change”

Wanted: Answers To These Recovery Questions

2021 is rebound time. Good. But where should local media focus on when it comes to its own recovery? After enduring the pandemic and complicated upheavals of 2020, lots of rebuilding blocks exist. Enter the American Press Institute with a well-done report released this week that presents seven questions “to help local media rebound inContinue reading “Wanted: Answers To These Recovery Questions”

We’re In Transition; Patience Requested

A novice in WordPress is taking over the posting of Relevant Points. Me. Please bear with The Relevance Project during this transition. It is definitely a learn-as-you-go process. The change also gives me a chance to thank Layne Bruce for his almost-a-year of posting the Relevant Points. Layne is the behind-the-scenes administrator of Newspaper AssociationContinue reading “We’re In Transition; Patience Requested”