RPD: A Full View Of Excellence

82nd in a 2022 Series* Yesterday’s Pulitzer Prizes demonstrate just how important the press association awards are in recognizing excellence in local journalism. Without them, and the intense, admirable efforts that go into celebrating community journalism, readers might think the only enterprise stories that matter are those produced by the big newsrooms and major metroContinue reading “RPD: A Full View Of Excellence”

RPD: A Conference Sampler

81st in a 2022 Series* You can tell what’s on the minds of community newspapers these days from the topics selected for press association conferences. This snapshot comes from the Nebraska Press Association, which offered its members the following programs and workshops April 29-30 as in-person training:“Post Pandemic: Getting People to Pick Up Your Newspaper”“EffectiveContinue reading “RPD: A Conference Sampler”

RPD: Keep Those Customers Coming Back

80th in a 2022 Series* I had 12 minutes to share advice on “Building Lasting Customer Relationships.” It was part of a “Flash Session” at the Nebraska Press Association’s Annual Conference, April 29-30. I opted to present this Top 10 list of “actions that worked during 15 years as a community publisher”: 1. Invite readersContinue reading “RPD: Keep Those Customers Coming Back”

RPD: Applause for In-Person Conferences

79th in a 2022 Series* It didn’t take long for the first sign that press associations were back holding in-person conferences. The above alert was spotted inside the Kearney hotel where the Nebraska Press Association set up its 2022 convention April 29-30. Excitement does have its limits. Safety first, folks. (And don’t blame it onContinue reading “RPD: Applause for In-Person Conferences”

RPD: Raise A Glass To Allen Beermann

78th in a 2022 Series* Hours before the scheduled “Retirement Toast & Roast for Allen J. Beermann,” tornado warnings, quarter-sized hail and powerful thunderstorms buzzed Kearney, NE, the site of this year’s Nebraska Press Association annual conference. Despite the bad weather, the celebration would go on — it had to go on! — to aContinue reading “RPD: Raise A Glass To Allen Beermann”

RPD: Lighting Two Candles Today

77th in a 2022 Series* Today marks the completion of Year 2 of The Relevance Project for me. The timing could not be better as this past week was all about spreading the benefits, resources, progress and possibilities of this NAM (Newspaper Association Managers) initiative at three conferences (one by Zoom). Special thanks to executiveContinue reading “RPD: Lighting Two Candles Today”

RPD: Nebraska Is Relevance Country

76th in a 2022 Series* The Relevance Project is in the center of Nebraska today and tomorrow for the state press association’s in-person conference. We appreciate the opportunity to share the benefits of the initiative and to explore a better future for local media with Relevance as the guide. I’m also participating in a “FlashContinue reading “RPD: Nebraska Is Relevance Country”

RPD: A Good Question To Ask

75th in a 2022 Series* Just back from Newspaper Association Managers’ Advertising & Revenue Conference, the first gathering of ad directors since the pandemic set in. Kudos to the Charleston (SC) Marriott for its patience in waiting for us. Thanks also to Brian Allfrey, the program leader whose day job is executive director of theContinue reading “RPD: A Good Question To Ask”

RPD: A Recipe For Success

74th in a 2022 Series* Funny thing about Relevance — sooner or later, once you embrace it as your primary goal, it’s going to make a big difference. It will stimulate effectiveness, engagement and energy. It also will put you on a positive path. And the “recipe” will pinpoint your strategic future as THE CommunityContinue reading “RPD: A Recipe For Success”

RPD: The Community Forum Starter Kit

73rd in a 2022 Series* Mark this 2022 goal DONE: Posted on THE Community Forum section of http://www.relevanceproject.net is the starter kit for launching a series of civil, civic conversations. They represent the core of the Relevant strategy that transforms newspapers into THE Community Forum. The process to get there has been simplified into fiveContinue reading “RPD: The Community Forum Starter Kit”