Deepen Trust With The Community Forum

Community newspapers must win the trust issue on their own. Sorry, I guess I’ve read too many national studies about misinformation and readers losing confidence in “the media.” It’s depressing. Take the recent Media Insight Project report that found “not all Americans universally embrace core journalism values.” The major study then noted that doubts existContinue reading “Deepen Trust With The Community Forum”

CNPA Beefs Up Advocacy For Local Journalism

Check out California for the future of advocacy to protect trusted journalism. The California News Publishers Association is revamping its lobbying efforts to better uplift local journalism and newspapers. At the outset, the Association wants to counter the “proliferation of misinformation” on social media and to defeat harmful legislation when proposed at the statehouse. FundamentalContinue reading “CNPA Beefs Up Advocacy For Local Journalism”

Tennessee Press Is On The Upswing

The Tennessee Press Association is modest. It reported an outstanding accomplishment in a mere brief tucked inside its March edition of The Tennessee Press. The big news? The Association’s membership is at its highest level since 2002. That’s something to crow about. “I am VERY proud of our growing membership,” said TPA Executive Director CarolContinue reading “Tennessee Press Is On The Upswing”

The Director Q and A: Michelle Rea

The Relevance Project continues the new monthly series spotlighting executive directors who lead newspaper trade associations. Our inaugural Q&A in March was with the president of Newspaper Association Managers, Steve Nixon of the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association. In April, we spoke with Michelle Rea, the longtime executive director of the New York Press Association. MichelleContinue reading “The Director Q and A: Michelle Rea”

Starve Extremists. Read Newspapers.

“Social media has become, in many ways, the key amplifier to domestic violent extremism just as it has for malign foreign influence.” That’s what FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee during a hearing April 14. According to The Wall Street Journal, Wray stopped short of blaming social-media companies for aiding domestic extremism.Continue reading “Starve Extremists. Read Newspapers.”

Wisconsin Thinks First About Civic Education

Newspapers bemoan the demise of civic education. Wisconsin is doing something about it. In 2021, a purposeful contest ensures the First Amendment will be explored and celebrated in Wisconsin schools. Credit the Wisconsin Newspaper Association Foundation for boosting civic education and engaging young students with its Wisconsin Civics Games Editorial Writing & Cartoon Contest. OnlyContinue reading “Wisconsin Thinks First About Civic Education”

New Presidents, Can You Top This Introduction?

This is one of the better openings to an introduction column by the new president of a press association board: “Well, this is one heck of a way to start out my term as TPA president. “First, we have to cancel the convention in January and I get elected via Zoom — which was okay,Continue reading “New Presidents, Can You Top This Introduction?”

WNPA Updates Contest’s Winning Formula

Press associations spend a lot of time and effort ensuring their annual contests reflect the best of local newspapers. But sometimes, the spirited competition needs to make an exception, or two. That’s certainly the case in Washington where the Newspaper Publishers Association will showcase reporting and storytelling about COVID-19 with a special new category forContinue reading “WNPA Updates Contest’s Winning Formula”

Ahead: ‘Succeeding Through Collaboration’

Add Colorado and Kansas to the list of press associations collaborating to produce joint conventions. And while we’re at it, let’s add a special acknowledgement to the pandemic for making bigger virtual events a new standard. Sharing a convention will be a first for Kansas and Colorado, organizers say. Consider it fitting the theme ofContinue reading “Ahead: ‘Succeeding Through Collaboration’”

On The Road In NY — Sort Of

The Relevance Project went on the virtual road today to New York state to deliver two presentations to community newspapers. (Attendees deserve extra points for attending a workshop on a Friday afternoon!) The “visit” marked the debut of an emerging strategy powering the Community Forum, a potential transformative business model that local media can adoptContinue reading “On The Road In NY — Sort Of”