Florida Compromise Installs FPA As The State’s ‘Gateway To Public Notices’

All eyes in the newspaper industry have been on Florida in 2021 because of another round of high-stakes challenges to public notice laws. Where trendsetter Florida goes, other states could follow. Press associations throughout the U.S. and their members read with intense interest the recent news about a Florida resolution worked out by both sidesContinue reading “Florida Compromise Installs FPA As The State’s ‘Gateway To Public Notices’”

Paste-Up Only Computes For Publishing Longtimers

Leave it to David Thompson in Kentucky to remember that today is National Paste-Up Day. The executive director of the Kentucky Press Association suggests that ink-stained veterans — working in the industry before desktop publishing arrived — spend time today explaining the “paste-up era” to younger staffers and why it’s important in the history ofContinue reading “Paste-Up Only Computes For Publishing Longtimers”

Add California To ‘Inclusion’ Membership List

California is the latest newspaper trade association revising its bylaws “to foster membership inclusion.” The changes, approved April 29 at the Annual Business Meeting, also reflects ever-changing U.S. demographics and digital’s role in the future of community newspapers. “With the revision, the bylaws now acknowledge mixed print and digital subscriptions and days of publication forContinue reading “Add California To ‘Inclusion’ Membership List”

Iowa Newsrooms Unite To Produce Investigative Series

Video can change the course of history. Americans witnessed that fact with the George Floyd trial and the murder conviction of a police officer in Minneapolis. Now we’re seeing the use of body cameras by police as ripe for closer examination, especially whether the public has adequate access to the videos. The Iowa Newspaper AssociationContinue reading “Iowa Newsrooms Unite To Produce Investigative Series”

Louisiana Press Leads With Its MediaNext Initiative

Louisiana Press Association this year launched a new training program with the goal of fostering collaboration among other newspaper trade groups and becoming a “thought leader” in the industry. The initial focus of MediaNext is digital, advertising and revenue, given the intense challenges faced by newspapers. Later, journalism, leadership and programs will be added. “TheContinue reading “Louisiana Press Leads With Its MediaNext Initiative”

RP Adds ‘Support Local Journalism’

The Relevance Project offers a new advocacy resource: Support Local Journalism. The addition is part of a reshuffling of the Revenue Resource 2021 section so it can concentrate on advertising, marketing and other revenue concepts for NAM members. Nothing prevents an ad staff from touting local journalism, but The Relevance Project has created enough contentContinue reading “RP Adds ‘Support Local Journalism’”

9 Opportunities For Association Ad Agencies

The future of newspaper trade associations depends on becoming even more Relevant in finding advertising and marketing dollars for members. Here’s to their success. Newspaper ads work. I had the honor yesterday of presenting a Relevance Project update to the NAM Advertising Conference. The overall message: Start with a mindset that advertising services are theContinue reading “9 Opportunities For Association Ad Agencies”

Leave Print Alone In A Digital World

Add “Bottom Line Personal” to the list of publications that learned mixing print and digital design isn’t always pleasing to longtime readers. The bimonthly publication, which is one of my favorite sources of practical advice for living smarter, tried a new design this year that “was in sync with a more contemporary style.” “We wantedContinue reading “Leave Print Alone In A Digital World”

Deepen Trust With The Community Forum

Community newspapers must win the trust issue on their own. Sorry, I guess I’ve read too many national studies about misinformation and readers losing confidence in “the media.” It’s depressing. Take the recent Media Insight Project report that found “not all Americans universally embrace core journalism values.” The major study then noted that doubts existContinue reading “Deepen Trust With The Community Forum”

CNPA Beefs Up Advocacy For Local Journalism

Check out California for the future of advocacy to protect trusted journalism. The California News Publishers Association is revamping its lobbying efforts to better uplift local journalism and newspapers. At the outset, the Association wants to counter the “proliferation of misinformation” on social media and to defeat harmful legislation when proposed at the statehouse. FundamentalContinue reading “CNPA Beefs Up Advocacy For Local Journalism”