The Ingredients Of Trust In News Stories

Getting lots of shares, likes and comments on social media matter the least to adults determining how trustworthy a news story is. Thank you, Pew Research Center. It’s reassuring that what matters most is the Relevance and reputation of a news organization that publishes the stories Americans read, watch or listen to. Next in importanceContinue reading “The Ingredients Of Trust In News Stories”

Director Q and A For June: Alabama’s Felicia Mason

2021 is a special year for the Alabama Press Association. That also makes it a great time to check in with Executive Director Felicia Mason for this month’s Relevant Question-and-Answer, our fourth installment in the Newspaper Association Managers series. Learn what APA has planned to mark its 150th year, what Felicia likes most and leastContinue reading “Director Q and A For June: Alabama’s Felicia Mason”

Associations in 2021: What’s The Future?

Are newspaper trade associations underplaying their big-picture value to high-quality journalism and local news? Is the modern-day association’s focus too inward in trying to help members shore up their businesses, rather than advocate more stridently for better practices and more sustainable operating structures? Should the association be about stability or innovation? Is there a brightContinue reading “Associations in 2021: What’s The Future?”

What’s Your Definition Of Relevance?

I collect newspapers’ definition of Relevance. The good ones get a prize from The Relevance Project. I asked participants in this week’s virtual joint conference of the Colorado-Kansas Press associations to describe what Relevance means to them. “Think of Relevance as an ACTION,” I added. Barbara Hardt, the publisher of The Mountain-Ear in Nederland, CO,Continue reading “What’s Your Definition Of Relevance?”

‘Today’s News’ Brought To You By The WVA Press Association

Don Smith knows first-hand the daily grind his members experience as news aggregators. He also appreciates how important providing Relevant news coverage is to attracting revenue. Each weekday, the West Virginia Press Association distributes “Today’s News,” a newsletter that compiles stories from the state’s newspapers and press releases from newsmakers. The May 17th edition, forContinue reading “‘Today’s News’ Brought To You By The WVA Press Association”

Make Room For The Hybrid Event Host

Let’s take attendance. In-person events are starting to return. Yippee! But before you run maskless into a ballroom or auditorium, pause on this: Lessons learned are lasting, after more than a year of only virtual conferences and programs. Association executive directors have told me that while they miss seeing newspaper colleagues in the flesh, theirContinue reading “Make Room For The Hybrid Event Host”

Mr. President: Hire Newspapers To Achieve Your 70%

It’s the newspaper industry’s turn to say, “C’mon, man!” President Joe Biden, who uses the retort to express frustration, now has Relevant details about newspaper effectiveness in reaching citizens who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. He also can end the mystery as to why a collective $380 million in new federal funding isn’tContinue reading “Mr. President: Hire Newspapers To Achieve Your 70%”

Two More Legs Stretch The Community Forum

One in a continuing series. Let’s widen the Community Forum strategy. One of the Relevance Project’s priorities is to help newspapers, working with their state or provincial association, become THE Community Forum. Because a community is in many ways an overabundance of conversations, the local newspaper is in the best position to orchestrate civil, civicContinue reading “Two More Legs Stretch The Community Forum”

Checking In With Arizona’s New Executive Director

Lisa M. Simpson is not quite a month into her new role as the executive director of Arizona Newspapers Association but she already is working a list of top action items. She shared them during a Relevance Project introduction. First on the list? “We need to modernize our marketing,” said Simpson, who joined ANA onContinue reading “Checking In With Arizona’s New Executive Director”

Director Q-and-A For May: Layne Bruce

When he isn’t running the Mississippi Press Association, Layne Bruce is the “clerk” of Newspaper Association Managers. Call him the administrator of NAM to match the many tasks he completes and he quickly will correct you: “I’m just the clerk.” Bruce prefers to operate in the background, but push him to the front of theContinue reading “Director Q-and-A For May: Layne Bruce”