2022: Turn Threats Into Opportunities (Again)

At newspaper conferences, attendees usually want to explore revenue or storytelling ideas. But in 2022, the wise will pay closer attention to legal and legislative issues. Heck, newspaper trade associations could devote their entire annual conventions to threats alone, given the stakes and severity. It’s a good thing newspapers do some of their best workContinue reading “2022: Turn Threats Into Opportunities (Again)”

Listening To The Whole Community

Part of a Continuing Series on THE Community Forum Digital journalist and media strategist Val Hoeppner’s recent workshop on “Seeing The Whole Community” shared tips on using photojournalism to improve a newspaper’s inclusion. The interesting program could just as well been additional advocacy for local news operations being THE Community Forum. Several newspaper trade associationsContinue reading “Listening To The Whole Community”

Add Community Voice To Legislative Advocacy

State newspaper associations hold their annual Legislative Conference in Washington next week and nearly every issue on the agenda would make an excellent Community Forum topic. The Dec. 6-7 program is organized by NAM (Newspaper Association Managers) and the list of challenges — and opportunities — is long, important and interesting.  Let’s just say, newspaperContinue reading “Add Community Voice To Legislative Advocacy”

November Q and A: Arizona’s Lisa Simpson

A Monthly Series Lisa Simpson acknowledges that she sometimes questions her sanity for taking on the role of executive director of a newspaper trade association at a time of continued upheaval in the industry.  The challenges can be daunting, especially in the state legislature, with the urgency for effective revenue-generating strategies, and managing through necessaryContinue reading “November Q and A: Arizona’s Lisa Simpson”

Walks Like A Turkey, Talks Like A Turkey, But, No Thanks, I’m Hungry For Relevance

Look what invited itself to the local journalists’ Thanksgiving meal this year. Yes, the vampire hedge fund that devours newspapers as if they are celery sticks on the appetizer dish. Isn’t this really a continuation of Halloween X? Instead of pressing ahead with the transformation of print media, we’re instead forced to endure another anxietyContinue reading “Walks Like A Turkey, Talks Like A Turkey, But, No Thanks, I’m Hungry For Relevance”

What To Do With Now 3 Digital Bigfoots

Dramatically improving a newspaper’s Relevance might be the only way to defeat the tech giants soaking up more than six out of 10 digital ad dollars. This just in: Amazon is beefing up its bid to make it a three-way race to the top of the estimated $200 billion digital advertising market. And we thoughtContinue reading “What To Do With Now 3 Digital Bigfoots”

Go Big On Gift Subscriptions

Associations, thinking of what to get your members for Christmas? Make it the Season of Subscriptions. Added audience always top newspapers’ wish lists. So, be a good Santa’s helper. Develop some snappy promotions that help community newspapers sign up “gifted” subscribers (no pun intended). Launch a province- or statewide goal to reach, encourage your membersContinue reading “Go Big On Gift Subscriptions”

Part 2: Radically Rural, Community Journalism

A recent Relevant Point suggested newspaper advocates keep an eye on a thriving partnership in New Hampshire called Radically Rural. Here’s the promised sequel. The partners are the local newspaper, The Keene Sentinel, and the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship. Their intense focus is on keeping rural life vibrant. One of the core catalysts isContinue reading “Part 2: Radically Rural, Community Journalism”

Pick A Narrative To Support Journalists

Rallying around the Local Journalism Sustainability Act should be an easy task.   After all, it’s about helping local news operations get through a rough patch.    Anyone hear about the pandemic and an uneven economy with labor and product shortages?   This just in: Some newspapers are skeptics about aid from Congress, even ifContinue reading “Pick A Narrative To Support Journalists”

The Counter To Social Media Madness

Newspaper still can play a role in fixing social media. It also might help them transform their own industry. Be THE Community Forum, for starters. In all the chaotic discourse about the future, I keep coming back to this question: Why hasn’t the newspaper industry collaborated to build its own answer to Facebook? With FacebookContinue reading “The Counter To Social Media Madness”