RPD: Is Your Circulars Service Relevant?

Eighth in a 2022 Series* Any newspaper counting on ad circulars or preprints to be around for a long time should read an exclusive story from Chain Store Age. It reports Family Dollar is finding initial success in using artificial intelligence to boost its ad campaigns. Here’s the “calling all cars” quote from a FamilyContinue reading “RPD: Is Your Circulars Service Relevant?”

RPD: Advice For A Forum Moderator

Seventh in a 2022 Series* Experience is often the best guide for those in charge of Community Forum discussions. Doing is learning. But in the meantime, The Relevance Project offers a tip-sheet to moderators on how to engage and encourage an interested audience.  Newspapers in the center of community discussions are super Relevant. We willContinue reading “RPD: Advice For A Forum Moderator”

RPD Series: Rex Rust’s ‘Crazy Shot’

Sixth in a 2022 Commitment* The funeral of Rex Rust, a friend of many, is today (Jan. 17). He died Jan. 6 at age 52. Yes, too young. Rex was co-president of Missouri-based Rust Communications, a second-generation media company operating primarily in the Midwest that owns more than 40 newspapers and has interests in radioContinue reading “RPD Series: Rex Rust’s ‘Crazy Shot’”

RPD: Don’t Rest Until You Find All 2021s

Fifth in a 2022 Commitment* Despite an alleged thorough plan, I keep finding references to 2021 that need to be updated. In particular, the copyright labels seem to be the most hidden. Why is that? Being up-to-date is Relevance 101. Feel the pressure. After this week, we have no excuse. Want to bet someone willContinue reading “RPD: Don’t Rest Until You Find All 2021s”

Mississippi Partnership Is First To Plan Community Forum Series

The Relevance Project is proud to confirm its role in the first statewide launch of THE Community Forum project. Mississippi will be the incubator where four different newspapers will test the transformative strategy that has civil, civic engagement at its core to dramatically improve local media’s Relevance. They also will select the pressing issues toContinue reading “Mississippi Partnership Is First To Plan Community Forum Series”

RPD Series: COVID-19 Updates Now A Norm

Fourth in a 2022 Commitment* One of the first promotions posted to the Relevance Project Revenue Resource was a three-part series headlined “All Together Now. ” It offered sales calling cards to use with advertisers reopening after the 2020 and 2021 shutdowns caused by COVID-19. It’s telling, though, that each time I later considered removingContinue reading “RPD Series: COVID-19 Updates Now A Norm”

New Series: Relevant Point of the Day

Third in a 2022 Commitment* You can’t solve a revenue challenge if you have a Relevance problem. Confront any signs of irrelevance NOW. Don’t ignore them. Dreaming up more revenue schemes is a stopgap. Relevance is a long-term plan. *ABOUT THE SERIES: Our goal is to share a Relevant Point of the Day (RPD) eachContinue reading “New Series: Relevant Point of the Day”

New Series: Relevant Point of the Day

Second in a 2022 Commitment* How many “good luck” wishes did you or your newspaper receive for the New Year? The total is a revealing clue about Relevance. If you answered zero, let me be the first to say, GOOD LUCK in 2022. Positive thinking is more than Relevant these days. *ABOUT THE SERIES: OurContinue reading “New Series: Relevant Point of the Day”

New Series: Relevant Point of the Day

First in a 2022 Commitment* Newspapers and local media are going to have to do more than just “cover the news” to be Relevant. Here is our solution: In 2022, commit to being THE Community Forum. Innovation and a more engaged audience will follow. *ABOUT THE SERIES: Our goal is to share a Relevant PointContinue reading “New Series: Relevant Point of the Day”

Director Q and A: Florida’s Jim Fogler

Jim Fogler took over as president and chief executive officer of the Florida Press Association exactly two years ago. 2020 and 2021 were a blur. It’s a good thing he was used to a hectic pace as a longtime up-and-comer at media giant Gannett, where he advanced through the publishing ranks over a 33-year career.Continue reading “Director Q and A: Florida’s Jim Fogler”