RPD: First Topics Picked in Mississippi

16th in a 2022 Series* Topics are set for the first two Community Forums in the Mississippi launch next month of the transformative strategy near and dear to The Relevance Project. It’s interesting that without collaboration or coordination, the Sun Herald in Biloxi and the Enterprise-Journal in McComb picked the same issue to probe —Continue reading “RPD: First Topics Picked in Mississippi”

RPD: Should Have Sent This On Monday

15th in a 2022 Series* Email marketing is most Relevant at the beginning of the week. You can forget about the weekend. Those Relevant Points flow from Campaign Monitor’s annual benchmark report. First, let us restate the definitions of key metrics used to judge email effectiveness. Open rate: “Percentage of recipients who opened the emailContinue reading “RPD: Should Have Sent This On Monday”

RPD: Always Start With Readers

14th in a 2022 Series* Starting with readers is always an excellent Relevance step. I’m sure the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel isn’t the first news organization to ask readers ahead of a mayoral election what they want the candidates to talk about. But using a collaboration with other local media and building what they call aContinue reading “RPD: Always Start With Readers”

RPD: Staying Positive in Kansas

13th in a 2022 Series* We’ve all heard the complaint from newspaper readers: You’re too negative. There’s NEVER anything positive in the paper or online. From a defensive crouch, we tell subscribers they are wrong: Ah, remember last week we had a feature on… And on it goes. With an endless pandemic forming today’s backdrop,Continue reading “RPD: Staying Positive in Kansas”

RPD: ‘Care Before You Share’

12th in a 2022 Series* Local newspapers are in a prime spot to improve the news literacy of their communities. Newspapers that commit to becoming THE Community Forum also know news literacy is one of three legs that support their sustainable future with renewed purpose and vigor. The others are strengthening trust in local journalismContinue reading “RPD: ‘Care Before You Share’”

RPD: The Year Of Local Political Ads

11th in a 2022 Series* This should be the year community newspapers discover a bonanza of political ad dollars. Experts say so. In short: Own local election messages. Why? A sizable amount will be spent at the state and local level in 2022 midterm elections. What better way to reach local voters than community newspapersContinue reading “RPD: The Year Of Local Political Ads”

RPD: Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick

10th in a 2022 Series* UPDATE: The local newspaper story now will air this Sunday. Yesterday’s (Jan. 23) time slot was overrun by the NFL playoff game on CBS. Be careful with that “next” reference. You would think by now the national media would realize a headline like “The fading future of local newspapers” isContinue reading “RPD: Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick”

RPD: All Aboard The Video Express

Ninth in a 2022 Series* Today’s Relevant exercise: Take a page and divide it into two columns. On one side, list everything you do in print. On the other side, match each item with its conversion to video. For example, turn each posted story into a video in which the reporter summarizes the major findings.Continue reading “RPD: All Aboard The Video Express”

RPD: Is Your Circulars Service Relevant?

Eighth in a 2022 Series* Any newspaper counting on ad circulars or preprints to be around for a long time should read an exclusive story from Chain Store Age. It reports Family Dollar is finding initial success in using artificial intelligence to boost its ad campaigns. Here’s the “calling all cars” quote from a FamilyContinue reading “RPD: Is Your Circulars Service Relevant?”

RPD: Advice For A Forum Moderator

Seventh in a 2022 Series* Experience is often the best guide for those in charge of Community Forum discussions. Doing is learning. But in the meantime, The Relevance Project offers a tip-sheet to moderators on how to engage and encourage an interested audience.  Newspapers in the center of community discussions are super Relevant. We willContinue reading “RPD: Advice For A Forum Moderator”