RPD: Solve The Integrity Problem With Video

26th in a 2022 Series* You can set your calendar to predict criticism of sponsored content, native advertisement and ads that look like news stories. It’s been going on for years. The latest blast arrived this week from The Conversation, which did a good job listing the offenses. There’s room for paid storytelling for advertisersContinue reading “RPD: Solve The Integrity Problem With Video”

RPD: There’s Revenue In Them There Forums

25th in 2022 Series* Having worked for corporations most of my newspaper career, I was trained to hear the headquarters voice in the back of my head whenever my local staff would draft initiatives that required investment and approval. “Nice idea, Tom,” the voice would say. “But how are you going to quickly make moneyContinue reading “RPD: There’s Revenue In Them There Forums”

RPD: Shift From ‘For Sale’ To ‘Sold!’

24th in a 2022 Series* Real estate advertising offers an innovator’s dilemma for newspapers. For the most part, newspapers are no longer the first place buyers look when searching for their next home. (Insert sigh here.) And now we have tight supplies and fierce bidding. Don’t fret. Time to flip the advertising equation and thinkContinue reading “RPD: Shift From ‘For Sale’ To ‘Sold!’”

RPD: Quality Is A Distrust Buster

23rd in a 2022 Series* It’s easy to get depressed reading the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer. Media (50%) finished last behind business (61%), NGOs (non-governmental organization) (59%) and government (52%) when respondents in the global annual survey were asked which institutions they trusted. And both government and media are seen as divisive forces, far fromContinue reading “RPD: Quality Is A Distrust Buster”

RPD Bonus: A Surprise Validation

22nd in a 2022 Series* He probably didn’t realize it, but Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon provided a great reason for why newspapers should transform themselves into THE Community Forum. Gordon was the featured speaker at the Wyoming Press Association‘s “Meet the Press” Luncheon, one of the highlights of the two-day convention (Feb. 4-5) held inContinue reading “RPD Bonus: A Surprise Validation”

BONUS RPD: On The Road In Wyoming

21st in a 2022 Series* A Relevance Project FIRST: Proud sponsor of a newspaper association convention. THANK YOU to Executive Director Darcie Hoffland as well as the board and staff of the Wyoming Press Association, for the invitation and advocacy for their members becoming THE Community Forum. Who says traveling to Casper with freezing temperaturesContinue reading “BONUS RPD: On The Road In Wyoming”

RPD: Punch With The Forum-Video Combo

20th in a 2022 Series* It’s amazing how many times a Relevant Point turns up in the last paragraph of an article about new revenue and audiences. It’s a surprise treasure. That’s because every publisher needs a growing audience to prosper, but attracting the next generation of readers usually keeps everyone up at night. Pause.Continue reading “RPD: Punch With The Forum-Video Combo”

RPD: Have Data, Tell A Great Story

19th in a 2022 Series* Add South Dakota to the growing list of state press associations restocking readership facts that document the important value of newspapers, despite continual chaotic change. Among the findings confirmed by the research firm Coda Ventures that further support The Relevance Project’s “All Ages Read Newspapers” promotional series (based on aggregatedContinue reading “RPD: Have Data, Tell A Great Story”

RPD: The Axios Formula (1 min. read)

18th in a 2022 Series* If you want to mirror a successful newsletter, consider Axios’ growing stable. I’m signed up for more than a dozen that arrive daily — from the morning report (above) to health to sports to the markets. I get a couple of the new regional reports, too. Today’s Relevant Point isContinue reading “RPD: The Axios Formula (1 min. read)”

RPD: ‘The Election Season’ Grows By 2

17th in a 2022 Series* The 2022 Elections are full of opportunities for community newspapers. That’s why The Relevance Project is focused on adding to its portfolio of promotions parked on http://www.relevanceproject.net in the Revenue Resource and Support Local Journalism sections. Just Arrived: This week, “The Election Season” grew by two promotions: One touts newspapersContinue reading “RPD: ‘The Election Season’ Grows By 2”