This Newspaper CEO Whacks Negative Perceptions

Did you ever watch an informative presentation and think afterward: Gee, I wish I had given that? Or: Wow. That message hit it out of the park. I did in February, after reviewing Matt McMillan’s “Flipping Negative Industry Perceptions.” He delivered the welcomed presentation during the winter joint conference organized by the Wisconsin, Minnesota andContinue reading “This Newspaper CEO Whacks Negative Perceptions”

A Women’s History Month Tribute

The Relevance Project celebrates the women who lead newspaper and press associations in North America. What better time to pause and recognize this inspiring group of newspaper advocates than during Women’s History Month. For this Relevant Point, we asked executive directors of the Newspaper Association Managers the following question to mark the annual March salute:Continue reading “A Women’s History Month Tribute”

SD Series Showcases Newspapers’ Relevance

Dave Bordewyk wants to have the same conversation with all of the publishers who support the South Dakota Newspaper Association. They will describe Relevance in 2021. The association’s executive director most likely will ask the five questions that he posed to an inaugural group of five SDNA members who provided vivid front-line insights. The answersContinue reading “SD Series Showcases Newspapers’ Relevance”

Be The Forum On This Newsroom Debate

If ever there was a topic to borrow for a newspaper association convention or news workshop, it’s the Knight Foundation’s “Rebuilding Trust in America: The Challenge for Journalists.”It first aired March 16. Resist the urge to dismiss views from “big media.” Trust is a local value as well. By many accounts, the debate over objectivityContinue reading “Be The Forum On This Newsroom Debate”

NENPA Unites Its Communities With A New Portal

Linda Conway’s new membership portal is a classic case of looking for a particular answer only to find a much bigger solution. The executive director needed a better membership database for the New England Newspaper & Press Association. Instead, she is now launching a new association hub for 400 newspapers in six states that alsoContinue reading “NENPA Unites Its Communities With A New Portal”

The Director Q and A: Steve Nixon

NAM’s Relevance Project is honored to spotlight executive directors leading newspaper trade associations throughout the United States and Canada. The Q&A series starts with Steve Nixon, the executive director of the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association as well as the president of Newspaper Association Managers since 2020. Normally, the NAM term for its top officer isContinue reading “The Director Q and A: Steve Nixon”

‘They Found The Community In Community Journalism’

More press associations are playing roles in preserving the impressive record of local journalism’s achievements during a pandemic. Survival also is a big part of the stories. The details make excellent topics for industry conferences and panel discussions because they can spotlight uplifting accounts about newspapers’ Relevance. The latest entry comes from “the middle ofContinue reading “‘They Found The Community In Community Journalism’”

In Praise of Press Associations’ Advocacy For Newspapers, Openness

By Tom Silvestri As a publisher, I welcomed Sunshine Week in March. It was always a valuable opportunity to account for indispensable news coverage and commentary that shined the light on government actions and documented specifics on where improvements in transparency were needed. It also invited a healthy exercise to explain newspapers’ role in exposingContinue reading “In Praise of Press Associations’ Advocacy For Newspapers, Openness”

Celebrating Newspapers Gets A New Look

Newspaper togetherness may have its own pandemic-time logo. Our observation starts with the Maine Press Association’s 2020 Conference symbol and theme. Here it is: Maine’s explanation:  “We diverted from the norm (last) year to acknowledge that Maine news staff worked extraordinarily hard and constantly during the pandemic to keep the public informed,” the MPA saidContinue reading “Celebrating Newspapers Gets A New Look”

Press Associations Are National Advertisers’ Best Choice

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to buying advertising to reach a national audience. The effective network already exists — and it works just fine, thank you. State press associations across the United States have worked together for decades to help advertisers get in front of as many readers (and shoppers)Continue reading “Press Associations Are National Advertisers’ Best Choice”