Invite The RP: We’re Available For Hire

The Relevance Project is on the (virtual) road in 2021. So far, three newspaper associations have invited presentations to their members about The Relevance Project. We’ve done it in various versions, but the preferred slot is 45 minutes to an hour, which includes interaction, an exercise or two, and Q&A. The presentations allow an explanationContinue reading “Invite The RP: We’re Available For Hire”

Associations: Unmask Your Newspapers’ Relevance

For the sake of our future, the best read right now is how local newspapers are coming through for their communities. Special reports about the vital storytellers and testimonials about advertising/marketing solutions must document the resilience of local newspapers as they battle what many are calling their most challenging year ever.  Don’t assume people knowContinue reading “Associations: Unmask Your Newspapers’ Relevance”

Know Your Social Media By The Numbers

Thank you, Pew Research Center, for helping us better understand Twitter and the behavior on display. You found that 9 in 10 tweets sent between November 2019 and September were caused by the most active 10 percent of the users. And of those superusers, nearly 7 out of 10 were Democrats and Democratic-leading independents. RepublicansContinue reading “Know Your Social Media By The Numbers”

Best Advice (Last In A Series): Never Stop Learning

How long can you say “Happy New Year!”? Some people give up after the first week. Others share the best wish throughout January. I practice the monthlong campaign. Happy New Year!  With February fast approaching, we have time to conclude our nine-part series reprising the best advice from 2020 presentations at virtual conferences organized byContinue reading “Best Advice (Last In A Series): Never Stop Learning”

Best Advice (Part VIII): In Case You Missed The Crises…

No shortage of advice exists in the news business. We all know it can be blunt at times. But in 2020, the recommendations were more emphatic. Encouraging. Understanding. Inviting. Acknowledgements of stressful days, weeks, months used descriptions like: Unprecedented. Unchartered. Unmatched. And, at times, unbelievable. With the pandemic, social unrest and toxic politics, w eContinue reading “Best Advice (Part VIII): In Case You Missed The Crises…”

Best Advice (Part VII): Winning Loyalty From A Digital Audience

Relevance Project fans, there are three more installments to go in our words of wisdom series. I’ve isolated the remaining advice from my overflowing archive of pictures taken during 50 or so virtual workshops, webinars and Zoom panel discussions over the summer and fall of 2020. Most of the pictures were edited to crop outContinue reading “Best Advice (Part VII): Winning Loyalty From A Digital Audience”

Best Advice (Part VI): Digital, Digital, Digital

Our sixth in the Relevant series highlighting 2020 words of wisdom is consumed with digital. Aren’t you? Workshop attendees had much to choose from in figuring out digital opportunities and trends, even though many slides were, in essence, the speakers’ notes for delivery at newspaper and online publisher conferences. Lots of words. Graphs with tinyContinue reading “Best Advice (Part VI): Digital, Digital, Digital”

Best Advice (Part V): Classified’s Successor, Revenue Ideas, Power of Pictures, Working Remotely, Playing It Smart

We’re back with the fifth installment in the Relevant Advice Series. Who is in the house today? Up first is Bill Ostendorf of Creative Circle Media Solutions. He tells an audience of online publishers that self-service text ads are “by far the fastest growing type of advertising on the web. They are the classified ofContinue reading “Best Advice (Part V): Classified’s Successor, Revenue Ideas, Power of Pictures, Working Remotely, Playing It Smart”

Best Advice (Part IV): Jumpstarting Sales, The Audience Funnel and The ‘Good’ From Newsrooms

Our Relevant series sharing words of wisdom from 2020 presentations continues with a hat trick: Advertising, Audience and Journalism.  Today’s selected slides come with added commentary. Enjoy.  Maybe it’s the drawing of the cranky customer, but this first slide stuck with me. Why the skeptical look? Maybe it’s because local business owners are being calledContinue reading “Best Advice (Part IV): Jumpstarting Sales, The Audience Funnel and The ‘Good’ From Newsrooms”

Best Advice (Part III): Turnkey Ideas, Innovation Dance, Collaboration, Brand Loyalty

Sharing ideas is a gold standard at newspaper conferences. Participants benefit, in particular, from speakers who gather ready-to-use concepts. Last year’s programs, as the pandemic raged, embraced all sorts of revenue projects and strategies. The third installment of the best words of wisdom from 2020 presentations promotes products, process and passion.Read on: Trainer Kevin SlimpContinue reading “Best Advice (Part III): Turnkey Ideas, Innovation Dance, Collaboration, Brand Loyalty”