RPD: The Aha To Fund Local News

72nd in a Series*

The impressive program that’s been placing journalists in needed locations thinks it has found the secret sauce to pay for local journalism — “community foundations and newsrooms partnering on a local level to create what we call Community News Funds (CNF) for sustained service to local news.” I recommend reading Report for America’s 49-page report, Community News Funds: Local foundations lead the way with a pivotal new strategy for community journalism. The report makes the case to collaborate with community foundations to “create a single permanent fund or destination to support local news in the community and then recruit multiple funders, ideally for multiple years.” Case studies from seven markets explain different routes to the prize. After reading the crisp report and participating an explanatory webinar last week, I offer two conclusions: Local newsrooms need to rely on local funders to keep journalism alive and well. And, when asking for financial support, stop thumping save local journalism. It’s all about improving a community with trusted journalism as a game-changing catalyst. Be THE Community Forum.

-Tom Silvestri, Executive Director, The Relevance Project

*ABOUT THE SERIES: Our goal is to share a Relevant Point of the Day (RPD) each weekday throughout 2022. Our target is at least 222. Thank you for supporting The Relevance Project. Your success is our focus.

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