RPD: The Universal Newspaper Challenge

70th in a 2022 Series*

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

“As the Times looks to expand its business, it needs to figure out how to attract a more diverse set of subscribers without alienating its mostly older, progressive audience.” — From an Axios Alert today on The New York Times naming a new executive editor. Ah, correct me if I’m wrong: But isn’t that the challenge and goal for all newspapers? (Go ahead and eliminate “progressive” to firm up the universal point.) Nonetheless, we’ll update our transformation notes for 2022 now that The Times is aboard. Onward, local news.

-Tom Silvestri, Executive Director, The Relevance Project

*ABOUT THE SERIES: Our goal is to share a Relevant Point of the Day (RPD) each weekday throughout 2022. Our target is at least 222. Thank you for supporting The Relevance Project. Your success is our focus.

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