Go Big On Gift Subscriptions

Associations, thinking of what to get your members for Christmas?

Make it the Season of Subscriptions.

Added audience always top newspapers’ wish lists. So, be a good Santa’s helper.

Develop some snappy promotions that help community newspapers sign up “gifted” subscribers (no pun intended).

Launch a province- or statewide goal to reach, encourage your members with a contest, and reward the top achievers with free admission to the next conference/convention.

Offer a workshop on best practices to sell gift subscriptions.

On the promotions, consider one of these themes:

Santa’s Favorite News Source.

Makes the Perfect Stocking Stuffer.

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving.

This Will Last Beyond Christmas.

Shop Local This Christmas. Support Local Journalism.

Read On: Simply Made in America.

Turn A Page In 2022.

You Want To Know. Now You Can.

Ho, Ho, Ho for the First Amendment.

Warm Your Mind This Winter.

No Assembly Needed! (For print: No Batteries, Assembly Required!)

Add your own theme on how wrapping up a newspaper subscription is a worthwhile holiday present to family, friends and neighbors.

Good luck and much success to community newspapers.

Here’s to the Season of Subscriptions.

Tom Silvestri, Executive Director, The Relevance Project

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