The Celebration Must Go On

Now what?

National Newspaper Week adopted “Be THE Community Forum” as the 2021 theme.

The celebration ended Saturday.

Now what?

Did your newspaper conduct at least one discussion with readers about deepening the community’s trust?

Or, did the publisher or editor use the week to think about how to stage a series of civil, civic conversations to help the community improve its news literacy to fight disinformation and fake facts.

Or. better yet, you’re planning to uncork an initiative aimed at using the Community Forum strategy to explore issues of importance to your town, city, county, region or state and then to help identify solutions that improve the quality of life.

Be THE Community Forum.

The future of newspapers involves more vibrant engagement of their communities.

If you are a new publisher or editor, the Community Forum is a ready-made initiative to put your newspaper on stronger footing with you leading the way.

If you are a longtime publisher or editor, the Community Forum can rejuvenate your career and give the community a new way to understand and support their local source of news and information.

National Newspaper Week was a headline about transforming into becoming THE Community Forum.

Thank you.

It’s time for newspapers and their trade associations to write the rest of the story.

What now?

-Tom Silvestri

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