Missouri Remains The ‘Show Me’ State

Relevance is finding a way to complete the task, no matter the challenges.

That’s the reason for a round of hearty thanks to the Missouri Press Association for including The Relevance Project in its recent 155th annual convention and trade show.

What was to be an in-person General Session presentation at the last-minute turned into a Zoom show.

Blame the tenuous nature of air travel these days, as it was the first time for this experienced business traveler to ever miss getting to a destination in time — or at least the same day! A broken landing gear and the failed promise of “timely” repairs, coupled with booked-solid flights, were too much to overcome.

After many months of online workshops and meetings, Missouri Press was eager to return to physical presence meetings — you know, what we did before COVID. I appreciate MPA Executive Director Mark Maassen making an exception and Membership Director Kristie Fortier working with The Elms Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs, MO, to figure out an unexpected virtual beam-in.

Through it all, I was happy to debut the “TRIPLE PLAY!” report that introduces how to measure Relevance, provides an updates on the free resources offered by The Relevance Project, and advocates how newspapers can transform into THE Community Forum.

I’m told my advice came in loud and clear.


One casualty of not being in Missouri, however, was I had to shelve handing out the NEW! Community Forum badge/sticker. So, I’ve added it here:

There’s always a next time.

Thanks again, Missouri Press Association, for never giving up on Relevance.

Tom Silvestri

(NOTE TO ASSOCIATIONS: The Triple Play! presentation makes a great one-hour workshop — longer if you add a Community Forum planning session. Open for invitations. Just ask. I am looking for volunteers among associations and their members to experiment with the Community Forum strategy. Eager to get going.)

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