Part of a Continuing Series

*Be THE Community Forum is the essence of Relevance. Community newspapers and local news media, think here:

Execute the strategy in three parts, using Forum or town-hall formats:

Part 1: Explain the mission of your news organization and its reporting. Collect suggestions and advice on how to strengthen community connections. Elaborate. Ask. Listen.

Part 2: Deepen the news literacy of your community. Confront misinformation. By fostering more knowledgeable consumers, attract a growing audience with trusted journalism. Expose. Correct. Encourage.

Part 3: Examine community problems and explore game-changing solutions. Enlighten democracy by demonstrating the importance of the local news media as a moderator of civil, civic discourse. Welcome. Preside. Respect.

*Community Forum = Relevance.

–Tom Silvestri

Relevance Note: Special thanks to Darrell Davis and the team at Metro Creative for the continued graphics support. Most appreciated.

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