A Relevant Word Of The Wise For Customer Service

I wish I received a dollar for every time readers or advertisers complained no one at “the newspaper” responded to their calls, emails, letters or online comments.

I could buy a lot of newspapers.

Short-staffed departments, outsourcing, bad systems, and centralizations that put leadership far from the local paper have made matters worse.

So much so, it was a recent topic of conversation among executive directors of newspaper trade associations who are very concerned about what’s happening.

Simply put: How can our industry advance itself if it can’t get back to loyal customers motivated to engage with reporters, columnists, editors, sales reps, ad directors, and publishers?

In what could be a message from heaven, I came across a Proverb that rewards any operation that demands excellence in customer service.

Solomon says:

“A person finds joy in giving an apt reply — and how much good is a timely word!”


–Tom Silvestri

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