PNA Adds A 12th ‘Big Book’ To Its Solutions Library

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association thinks big.

It also has a winning formula to do so.

Each year, PNA “identifies a topic of interest and relevance to our members,” said Jane Hungarter, the association’s director of marketing. (Special emphasis added on Relevance. )

It then builds a “Big Book” around it.

This year’s focus?

Big Book of Sales Solutions.

Credit the many unforeseen challenges created by the pandemic.

“As business begin to recover from the devastating effects of the coronavirus, PNA wanted to help our members’ advertising sales teams be prepared to assist their clients and prospects moving forward,” Hungarter said.

The resulting 112-page book offers 55 best practices or lessons that can provide instant guidance, advice and the foundation of a training program for those interested in jumpstarting staff development.

The Big Book “includes a variety of articles written by industry experts, practical sales tips to increase print and digital business, helpful ideas to improve ad design and numerous marketing flyers that demonstrate the effectiveness of newspaper advertising,” Hungarter added. “It also contains important information for sales managers, from rate card design to responding to advertising-related legal matters, along with successful revenue-generating ideas that can be replicated by other news media organizations.”

Among the headlines:
“Newspapers are the most trusted source of news and information”
“Post-COVID media sales: Are customer needs assessments dead?”

Valuable tips to sell your digital inventory”
“What the heck is branded content?”
“Helping others provides winning revenue strategy”

PNA staff wrote and designed much of the content. “We also solicited input from our members and invited industry experts to share an informative piece that would benefit advertising sales professionals,” Hungarter said.

The Relevance Project is honored to be included in the Big Book of Sales Solutions with “A Relevant Reminder: 10 Points.”

“The goal was to provide educational support to sales teams across Pennsylvania and to help them generate more revenue,” she added. “Our Big Book series works in conjunction with the other resources we provide to our members, ranging from the ongoing training delivered by our Foundation to the marketing sheets provided to sales teams across the state.”

The Big Book of Sales Solutions is PNA’s 12th publication in its annual installment series. The other titles are:
Big Book of Alternative Revenue
Big Book of Events
Big Book of Distributed News
Big Book of Generational Engagement
Big Book of Growing Audience
Big Book of Industry Promotion
Big Book of Knowledge
Big Book of Monetizing Digital
Big Book of Special Sections
Big Book of Voter Engagement
Little Book of Coronavirus Coverage

It’s an impressive list.

What’s been the reaction so far?

“The Big Book of Sales Solutions was released in conjunction with our recent PNA Advertising Symposium,” Hungarter explained. “We received tremendously positive feedback from both ad sales reps and sales managers, along with senior leaders, from Pennsylvania’s news media organizations. The Big Book is available for download in PDF format, or in hard-copy format. The majority of our members have either downloaded or requested a hard copy of the Big Book.”

Hungarter added that the Big Book is available to other press associations at no cost. PNA is open to discussing ways to customize the book for another group’s use, but keep in mind there would be costs involved for that route. For orders and options, email

PNA already knows the topic of its 2022 Big Book.

“On deck for next year,” Hungarter said, “are the Big Book of Editorial Tools and a smaller Little Book of Circulation and Production Strategy.

Cheers to PNA’s solutions library.

–Tom Silvestri

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