What’s Your Definition Of Relevance?

I collect newspapers’ definition of Relevance.

The good ones get a prize from The Relevance Project.

I asked participants in this week’s virtual joint conference of the Colorado-Kansas Press associations to describe what Relevance means to them. “Think of Relevance as an ACTION,” I added.

How can you not like the name of this newspapers that’s been publishing since 1977?

Barbara Hardt, the publisher of The Mountain-Ear in Nederland, CO, emailed me this point:

“For me, a small town weekly, Relevance means being connected to each other, to the community, to the greater region covered by my business. And being able to recognize the people and entities that work hard within the region, that are very public about who they are. As well as the many people who work hard way behind the scenes to make our communities successful.”

Pretty good.

Connected is a word I use a lot when talking about Relevance. But Hardt adds empathy, engagement and understanding. And this: A result of Relevance is success.

For the community.

That’s a winner.

A box of cookies is on the way to Colorado. Enjoy.

–Tom Silvestri

P.S. My thanks to Emily Bradbury in Kansas and Tim Regan-Porter in Colorado for the invitation to speak at their conference. Congratulations on an excellent program. A tip of the organizer’s hat to Bay Edwards for her help on the “CO-KA” logistics and connections — there’s that word again.

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