Add California To ‘Inclusion’ Membership List

California is the latest newspaper trade association revising its bylaws “to foster membership inclusion.”

The changes, approved April 29 at the Annual Business Meeting, also reflects ever-changing U.S. demographics and digital’s role in the future of community newspapers.

“With the revision, the bylaws now acknowledge mixed print and digital subscriptions and days of publication for digital products,” the California News Publishers Association reported in its May 4 newsletter, CNPA Bulletin. “They also consider Active Members to include community news outlets that serve non-English readers with ‘content that is not necessarily California focused, but it is of importance to predominantly California readers or the specific audience or demographic in California that the publication serves.”

The Association noted that the new bylaws require the publisher of content that’s in a language other than English to “certify that either the content published by the applicant is either principally focused on California or their readership is principally based in California.”

The membership changes are the latest in a series of moves by the Association under the leadership of new President and CEO Charles F. “Chuck” Champion.

Last month, a Relevant Point reported the South Carolina Press Association also changed its Constitution to allow minority-owned publications that are not weeklies or dailies to join as Active, or full benefit, Members. Read it here.

We’ll keep an eye out for who will be next.

–Tom Silvestri

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