On The Road In NY — Sort Of

The Relevance Project went on the virtual road today to New York state to deliver two presentations to community newspapers. (Attendees deserve extra points for attending a workshop on a Friday afternoon!)

The “visit” marked the debut of an emerging strategy powering the Community Forum, a potential transformative business model that local media can adopt to be more Relevant and effective.

And participants received an update on The Relevance Project Revenue Resource.

The presentation details:

Community Forums & Community Engagement
Relevant newspapers are the ones that purposely demonstrate they are THE Community Forum for the public they serve. Sharpening a strategy to engage citizens in meaningful ways is the indispensable twin of trusted journalism. But it’s not easy to maintain a program of civil, civic conversations on issues of importance. It takes discipline, resolve and, yes, earnest listening. Learn from the creator of a 15-year initiative called the Public Square and help The Relevance Project advance the cause of the Community Forum.

Revenue Resources from The Relevance Project
Find out the “10 Things You Should Know” about The Relevance Project, an initiative of the Newspaper Association Managers. Most of this workshop focuses on The Relevance Project’s Revenue Resource 2021, which delivers promotions and advice aimed at advancing community newspapers and their hard-charging staffs. There’s also a surprise at the end that allows participants to judge just how well they score on the new “Relevance Meter.” The Revenue Resource also is a result of partnerships with Metro Creative Graphics, Coda Ventures and Pulse Research.

Thanks to the New York Press Association and Michelle Rea for the invitation and opportunity to exchange ideas with members.

These presentations are adaptable to other newspaper associations’ needs. They also could spark important conversations on how newspapers are winning back their Relevance — and what to do if they fall short.

The Relevance Project is available.

–Tom Silvestri

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