We’re In Transition; Patience Requested

A novice in WordPress is taking over the posting of Relevant Points.


Please bear with The Relevance Project during this transition. It is definitely a learn-as-you-go process.

The change also gives me a chance to thank Layne Bruce for his almost-a-year of posting the Relevant Points. Layne is the behind-the-scenes administrator of Newspaper Association Managers (NAM) and with that came the duty of setting up The Relevance Project website, which includes the Relevant Points blog.

Layne has been rock-solid in his support of The Relevance Project, even as it often competed with his day job as executive director of the Mississippi Press Association. It is an understatement to say The Relevance Project’s online presence is because of Layne Bruce. He is indispensable.

Now, with nearly 120 blog posts to its credit, Layne suggested The Relevance Project’s executive director should be on his own to create, post and expand the Relevant Points. I agree.

Part of the deal includes Layne staying on to handle The Relevance Project’s major online projects that require his expertise. For example, we are discussing a site update and a different order to the material in the Revenue Resource 2021 section. Stay tuned.

What does this mean for the blog — besides rookie mistakes? I’m hoping the Relevant Points will be even more relevant to the audience with selected topics. And more frequent with updates and more selective with the summary newsletter that is sent to the NAM email list.

The ultimate goal for Relevant Points is to be a must-read, especially when it comes to noting the good work being done by our associations.

In the meantime, know the door is always open to your suggestions on how to sharpen the informative Points.

A big thanks in advance.

Now, where is that publish button…

–Tom Silvestri

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