Invite The RP: We’re Available For Hire

The Relevance Project is on the (virtual) road in 2021.

So far, three newspaper associations have invited presentations to their members about The Relevance Project.

We’ve done it in various versions, but the preferred slot is 45 minutes to an hour, which includes interaction, an exercise or two, and Q&A.

The presentations allow an explanation of the 10 Things You Need To Know About The Relevance Project — and the FREE benefits it offers to associations and their community newspapers.

Don’t worry about me going on and on and on. The first standing ovation I ever received is when I ended a training session 15 minutes early. Told me a lot about public speaking.

With full appreciation for NAMers, here’s the latest Relevance Project in Association News roundup:

Thanks To Mississippi, New York and MDDC

DOWN SOUTH: The Mississippi Press Association was first up with an hour offer during its Winter Conference. I walked MPA members through the options displayed on and debuted the Relevance Meter so attendees could evaluate just how Relevant their newspapers are to their communities.

Let’s just say high scores go to the thinking publishers always trying to learn a better way. (Bonus: A box of cookies was sent to the publisher with the best answer to this question: Why is your newspaper Relevant?)

Layne Bruce parked a recording and the presentation slides on this conference page.

Thanks to Layne for letting me try out the new Relevance Project Powerpoint designed by Metro Creative Graphics’ Darrell Davis.

UP NORTH: The RP overview was repeated on a Zoom presentation to the New York Press Association as part of its “One Day University” series, where we were one of three webinars attracting a live audience on Feb 15.

Conversations continued afterward with newspapers wanting to be a part of The Relevance Project. They’re doing great work.

Thanks to Michelle Rea for the opportunity.

IN THE MIDDLE: The Relevance Project was the subject of the MDDC Press Association’s podcast, “Five Dubs: Journalists & Stories Behind Local News in MD, DE & DC.” The discussion also focused on the challenges facing local journalists and how the Community Forum is an effective strategy to deepen Relevance.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Thanks to Rebecca Snyder for reserving Episode 18 for The Relevance Project. She does a great job as the moderator.

Kansas Gets Nine Rounds of Applause

Doug Anstaett not only published news about The Relevance Project’s nine-part series on words of wisdom for publishers, editors and advertising directors, he inserted links so his Kansas Press Association readers easily could go from The Kansas Publisher’s February e-edition to each Relevant Point installment.

That’s ingenious.

And it’s a best practice that more replica newspapers could adopt to make them even more Relevant.

Take a look:

No Surprise, As Texas Goes Big

We were blown away by this treatment in the Texas Press Association’s monthly newspaper.

The overview of The Relevance Project Revenue Resource filled a full page and continued onto a third of an adjoining page. Four of the Calls to Action promotions, the “All Together Now” series and the Pulse Research-Metro Creative special offer were spotlighted in the December edition of the Messenger.

We would have reported it earlier but the Post Office just delivered the newspaper. Sigh.

Time For One More

Finally, we appreciate the invitation from the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association to include The Relevance Project in its upcoming Big Book of Sales Solutions. “…PNA is always looking for meaningful ways to connect our members with leaders in our industry,” wrote Jane Hungarter, PNA Director of Marketing. Add this to the long list of NAMers’ best practices.

OK, that’s it for The Relevance Project update.

Next stop?

That depends on you.

Remember, STAY RELEVANT. It’s Our Future.


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