10 Things to Know About the Relevance Project

The change of seasons is a good time to rake in the fortune of benefits collected on The Relevance Project website.  As a reminder: It’s www.relevanceproject.net It displays the project’s purpose and includes the patrons’ vision.  The Relevance Project is brought to you by many supporters — the members of NAM, the Newspaper Association Managers. They are listed HERE. We appreciate you. So much has happened in the last few months that a benefits primer is in order. Feel free to keep this as a guide:

10 Things You Need To Know About The Relevance Project:
No. 1: Relevant Points.

Updated most weekdays, the Relevant Points blog offers insights, advice, best practices, trends and other items of vital interest to press associations and their community newspapers. Nearly 100 Points have been posted since July. Get updates delivered to your inbox by typing your email address in the sign-up box at the bottom of the page. Added note: All columns are free to associations to republish. A special monthly commentary is available as well. (Here’s November’s.)
The remaining nine compose the emerging Relevance Project Revenue Resource 2020, where the focus is to promote the power of newspapers and to document how newspaper ads work. Special appreciation goes to Metro Creative Graphics for its outstanding design work on behalf of The Relevance Project. 

No. 2: The All Together Now Campaign.
This series of three messages is intended to win over advertisers dealing with pandemic restrictions, including shutdowns. It reminds local merchants that community newspapers are their best choice in providing expert assistance to welcome back customers and attract new ones. Besides, we’re dealing with the challenges as well. Let’s all recover by working together.

No. 3: 15 Powerful Calls To Action.
Newspaper ads work! Our additional proof is 15 categories where newspaper ads motivated at least 6 out of 10 readers to take action, according to research by Coda Ventures. These flyers and promotions should open doors for sellers. The 15 ad categories are: apparel, auto, circulars/preprints, coupons, educational services, eyewear, financial services, grocery, home services, office supplies, retail advertising, jewelry retailers, insurance, home furnishings and dental services. The facts and crisp design offer a winning formula. 

No. 4: Postcard Formats. You can convert the 15 Calls to Action into a postcard and send to potential clients. Yet another conversation starter. 

No. 5: Election Season. It’s never too early to develop connections and presentations to capture political-campaign ad dollars. (If you’re in Georgia, the elections continue with two runoffs for the U.S. Senate.) This section starts off with a series of three messages on why newspapers are impressive routes to informed voters. 

No. 6: Helpful Advice.
We’re excited by this section’s potential. No doubt, it will grow and grow as we select interesting best practices and great tips from smart people. These handouts are meant to share. Spread the knowledge. 

No. 7: SPECIAL OFFER: The Local Market Advertising Solution. This amazing benefit is the result of a partnership with Metro Creative and Pulse Research. It features five categories — heating and air conditioning services; banks; jewelry stores; optician or eyeglass stores; and continuing education services — where a newspaper can obtain data FROM ITS SPECIFIC MARKET on projected household spending. Accompanying FREE teaser ads help explain the market data and then can be used to contact the businesses to set up an appointment. The market research was collected during the pandemic and it is outstanding intelligence that gives newspapers a distinct edge. 

No. 8: Related Spec Ads.
As part of the SPECIAL OFFER, Metro Creative offers 10 different versions of already-designed ads for each of the five categories to show potential advertisers. With ads ready to go, the chances increase for a sale during a call and presentation. Sell, sell, sell. Tap into Metro’s rich archives as part of this SPECIAL OFFER. 

No. 9: A Bonus. You’ll find one more section containing additional spec ads for the other 10 Calls to Action categories. No excuses. Just download them. Again, walking in with a ready-made ad is bound to impress. 

No. 10: THIS JUST IN — 2 new promotional campaigns. One is headlined: “Support Local Journalism.” It’s a series of three messages about the importance of supporting local newspapers. Build on them with local content.  The second is titled: ” When Local News Fails.” It’s a different angle to stress how vital trusted local news is to the health of communities and democracy. Both campaigns are based on Margaret Sullivan’s 2020 book, “Ghosting the News.”

There you have it: 10 benefits to take to the bank.  What’s ahead? The Relevance Project’s new Advertising & Marketing Task Force will focus on providing support to the press association’s ad services.  We’ll tout the effectiveness of print and digital advertising, email marketing, sponsored or branded content, and other services that deliver solutions for clients looking to reach more customers.  Also, we’ll keep adding Relevant Points and promotions, especially those that advance local newspapers as THE Community Forum. 

It’s been a quick six months for The Relevance Project. But we’re just getting started.  In 2021, we’ll  continue to sharpen the project’s mission with a bias for action that strengthens community newspapers.

In the meantime, remember:  Always Stay Relevant.  Onward. 


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