Think of Journalism As a Service To Attract New Generations

Tout newspaper journalism.


Trade groups and advocates already have a strong beat on the “you can trust our journalism” message.


But is anyone really sure that acclaim motivates people who have no history with newspapers?

Besides, traditional, loyal readers already understand the trust factor. They’ve bought into it. (Thank you!)

In a fragmented media world, however, we need a relevant approach to lock in newspaper journalism’s value to non-subscribers.

I’ve always liked journalism as a service.

After all, journalists believe in a higher calling.

Journalism as a service also gets us away from products, especially with the question mark hanging over printed newspapers. (I know each day we bend that uncertainty into an explanation point. Keep at it.)
Journalism as a service adapts to any medium without being pulled into the tedious debates over print vs. digital.

It allows journalism to follow the reader wherever she or he may go.

You hire a service to get a specific action or task done.

It follows that a citizen hires a newspaper’s journalism to be informed about the community and alerted to issues of importance. And these news consumers feel their interests show up in what’s reported and their reasonable suggestions are considered, often acted on.

That way, community support is reliable.

Think journalism as a service and the jobs to be done in an informed democracy. (I’m channeling the infamous Newspaper Next project from years ago.)

Journalism as a service.

When it’s newspaper journalism, it’s a five-star service.

No yelps, please.


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