What’s A Publisher? Consider This Updated Definition

Publishers are an endangered species these days.

It used to be a given that the top officer was called a publisher.

No longer.

The role has been crushed by digital focuses, changing business conditions, consolidations, new missions at companies, and cost-saving.

That’s why an updated definition caught my attention.

The new America’s Newspapers, a valued NAM member, pinpointed the term “publisher” when assisting the lobbying of Congress for stimulus aid for the newspaper industry.

The organization’s legislative affairs committee listed four points that frame today’s under-sieged publisher:

  • Whose primary business is the publication of news and information about current events.
  • Employ professional journalists and pay them market rates of compensation.
  • 52% of whose readers (print and digital) live within a single Designated Market Area.
  • Have met the conditions above for at least two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to the enactment of the legislative act.

Cheers to those newspapers that still have publishers.

Applause to America’s Newspapers for putting the updated definition in strong terms.

We might want to keep these points handy.

You never know when a student will ask you:

“What’s a publisher?”


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